Aquagear BPA-Free Water Purifier

Last updated: April 27, 2021

The high-quality Aquagear uses a 5-stage system that removes contaminants like lead and zinc from water while retaining healthy minerals. Each filter, like the pitcher itself, is recyclable and long-lasting. The entire system is also dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. In our testing, we liked how quickly it filtered the water. We also liked the re-flushing capability.

We looked at the top Water Purifiers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Water Purifier you should buy.

Product Details

Key Takeaway: The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher's recyclable filters remove minerals, as well as pollutants.

In our analysis of 267 expert reviews, the Aquagear BPA-Free Water Filter Pitcher placed 3rd when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

USA-made and independently tested to remove fluoride (90.6%), chlorine (99.9%), chloramine (99.9%), chromium 6 (99.4%), lead (99.9%), mercury (97.8%), arsenic (99.8%), over 50 VOCs, and more. Aquagear tested to NSF Standards 42 and 53 to filter fluoride, lead, chlorine, chloramines. Filtered water saves lives. For every purchase, the Aquagear Foundation provides 6 months of water to someone in need with biosand filtration. Better water for your family = better water for theirs. Aquagear tested to NSF Standards 42 and 53 to filter fluoride, lead, chlorine, chloramines. We want the best experience for Aquagear drinkers. Our products are 100% BPA-free, vegan, and recyclable. To keep Aquagear sustainable, we provide postage to send back your filter for recycling.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

Capable of filtering most lead,flouride and other contaminates from tap water.
This water pitcher comprises a 5-stage filtration system to eliminate dangerous elements that may be found in water. It will remove lead, chromium, copper, zinc, fluoride, mercury, Chloramine and much more. At the same time, it will retain beneficial compounds such as magnesium for a healthy drink.
The product meets NSF standards 42 and 53 for contaminants reduction. Which is why, the five stage with two micron pores, including a lead/fluoride filter is guarantee to protect your family from contaminants inside tap water.
This filter pitcher has the construction of heavy-duty and transparent plastic material. The filter of this pitcher also comes with the construction of BPA-free and FDA-approved plastic construction.
A new filter will last enough to filter about 150 gallons of water which is about 3 times more than average.The pitcher is made from BPA-free plastic using only FDA approved materials. It is recyclable and it does not contaminate the water inside.
This is well-made, BPA-free, recyclable, and vegan. It is a certified item that is also tested in Michigan, Flint for copper and lead reduction. Also, this is with a triple capacity filter that keeps the water longer than different water filter pitcher from different brands.
It exceeds safety standards and has been shown to remove most types of contaminants. The triple capacity filter is able to clean around 150 gallons before it needs to be replaced.
It's also 100% BPA-free and recyclable, so it's as healthy for the environment as it is for you.
When it comes to contaminant reduction, it’s as impressive as you’d expect from a top-shelf solution such as this one. It’s extremely effective at removing fluoride, lead, chromium, chlorine, over 50 VOCs, and many other contaminants.
It has a nice design. Not fancy, but highly efficient and functions oriented. The materials are FDA approved food grade plastic and are BPA free. If you care about living green, this pitcher is a good choice because it’s 100% recyclable, and also it saves the earth from more plastic bottles.
The Aquagear tested and trusted to remove the containments like chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, and lead chromium 6, VOCs, and other impurities from the tap water and filter over 89% contaminants.
Aquagear claims that the filters will remove inorganic contaminants and organic contaminants while keeping healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water. This means you can have refreshing mineral water in your home. They also offer an awesome lifetime guarantee on the pitcher. They will even replace it should you break it.
Good at removing lead, chlorine.
The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is an affordable pitcher that is created out of durable materials that are clear of contaminants. The unit has been assessed for safety and has gotten 100% FDA approval and the plastic used is 100% BPA free. This pitcher is recyclable and safe for vegans to use.
Minerals – The Aquagear filter helps add calcium and magnesium that other models or reverse osmosis systems will take out.
Very light in weight and life time warranty product made with high quality material. You can clean it from any dishwasher without creating any smell.
The Aquagear comes with triple capacity filters, capable of producing 150 gallons of water, and lasts three or four times longer than some other brands on the market. On average, this computes to roughly six months of use before the filter needs to be changed.
The filter gets rid of most harmful substances including heavy metals, fluoride, chromium, and chlorine. It’ll keep the good minerals like calcium and magnesium though, so you won’t have to deal with that blunt taste of filtered water most pitchers are known for.We also like the design which is safe for filtering water for kids and adults alike. The pitcher is made from 100% BPA-free parts which are fully vegan and recyclable.
Filter capacity significantly better than competition, while filters are recyclable: When the time comes for filter replacement, it is important to recognize that the filter lasts roughly six months and filters significantly more water than competing brands, including the zero water pitcher filter replacement process. Each filter handles 150 gallons of water.
The efficient filtration system thoroughly cleans out harmful contaminants from your drinking water. Moreover, the two-micron pores ensure that even the smallest of particles are filtered behind. Thus, it gives you a clean and pure drinking water experience. In fact, this is where this particular filter outshines over its competitors.
- Ewash
Best of all, this system is 100% BPA-free and FDA-approved, making it safe for repeat use for many years. Unlike Brita filters, the B016’s is approved for 150 gallons of filtration, making it a great long-term investment if you want to maximize your savings.
The filter contains one of the finest pore sizes we’ve seen, at just 2 microns. The 5-stage filter removes heavy metals, fluoride, and chlorine. The filter does, however, allow healthy trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium to remain in the filtered water.
Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is a 100% BPA-free Water Filter Pitcher which is made of 100% FDA-approved food grade materials. The Filter use in aquagear water pitcher is made in USA.
- Buyesy
It has the ability to produce clean water by eradicating all common water contaminants and more difficult ones like fluoride or lead.
What we like the most is the fact that it retains minerals like magnesium and calcium so that the water you drink won’t only prevent dehydration but provide your body with everything it needs during the day to stay strong and healthy.
Setup is simple and fast.
It has long-lasting filters which have the capacity to produce 150 gallons of water respectively.
This water pitcher filter is designed to remove fluoride, lead, chlorine, mercury, and other contaminants. The filter is designed to maintain calcium and magnesium in the water for balanced end results.
- Heavy
What we really liked about the product is the fact that it contains superior quality filters that absorb impurities like lead and flint which shall keep your family safe from contaminants while maintaining the necessary minerals in the water.
This alkaline water filter is made 100% in the USA, is bpa free, vegan free, 100% recyclable and is also FDA approved. This filter has been tested thoroughly (even in Flint, Michigan) to ensure it meets FDA standards and filters contaminants from drinking water.
This filter removes between 90 and 99.9% of most contaminants including flouride, lead, chromium 6, mercury, arsenic, chlorine, and over 50 VOCs more. It does all that, yet does not strip out healthy trace minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water.
The model features a 5-stage filter that comes with 2-micron pores. The filter can remove contaminants while keeping some minerals such as magnesium and calcium that are considered good for health.
The pitcher is made using 100% BPA-free materials, and it's vegan and fully recyclable. All of the materials used are FDA-approved food-grade.
All the components are made of BPA-free plastic material i.e. recyclable plastics.
Aquagear states that their filter removes chlorine, lead, mercury, chloramines, chromium 6, and fluoride.
One cartridge lasts for about 150 gallons of water or 3 to 6 months before it needs replacement. This is almost 4 times longer than the average filter lifespan.
The large handle gives you a good grip on it, while the spill-free design of the spout ensures no mess will occur when you pour yourself water with it. It is made of 100% BPA-free plastic that ensures the filtered water won’t be contaminated by the recipient that holds it.
With the ability to remove 2000% more contaminants from your water than other leading water filter pitcher providers, the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is one of the most impressive filtration systems on the market today.
The construction is solid. Not only is this pitcher made well, but it incorporates a safe plastic that cannot contaminate your water with BPA or soil the taste. The design is ergonomic, and refilling it is a breeze.
The water filter pitcher has met and even exceeded the high standards of the NSF for contaminant reduction. In other words, its filtering capacity is above average. The manufacturer claims it can remove 2000% more harmful contaminants often found in tap water system than other filters. This includes chromium, mercury, lead, chlorine and chloramines. No other brand can promise this same level of filtration power.
Possibly the deepest filtration you will witness in a water filter pitcher – you will drink almost a 100% clean and tasty water. Nature-friendly – everything is recyclable
This unit meets and in some cases surpasses both NSF Standards 42 and 53 for the reductions of contaminants, and can remove some heavy metals, like lead and mercury. The filter cartridge offers five stages of filtration, and it filters out particles as small as two microns. It provides a high level of filtration that would normally require a much more expensive system. The company has taken great steps to keep this pitcher environmentally friendly; the pitcher and the filters it uses are both 100% recyclable. When you change the filter, simply send the old filters back to the company for recycling.
It also leaves healthy trace minerals in the water unlike other filters.
This filter model is certified to get rid of up to 90th of the fluoride in your water supply. this can be an excellent feature, one you’ll only see once using a reverse diffusion system within the past.
The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is 100 percent BPA free and uses FDA approved food grade materials for its parts. Not just that, it is also 100 percent recyclable and vegan.
When you pour water into the pitcher, it filters through very fast.
Expertly removes lead, copper, fluorides, chromium, mercury and chlorine.
One of the good things about the Aquagear filter is that it preserves certain minerals in water that benefits your health and also contributes to the taste of the water. This simply implies refreshing better tasting water for you and your family.
Durable Build And Filters – The unit itself and the water filters are built to last, so you will be able to use them for a longer time.
Great Filtrations: The pitcher filters off most of the major contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury and 80 over contaminants leaving only the excellent filtered water.Small Micron Rating: The filter is capable of removing particles which is larger than 2 microns.
Effectively reduces many harmful contaminants, including fluoride and lead.
Another cool thing is that will make you love this pitcher, even more, is the lifetime guarantee.
The filter is rated as lasting for 150 gallons of use, which is a lot more than the standard lifespan for a pitcher. It's actually the longest lasting filter that we're aware of with the new Brita Longlast filters the nearest competition at 120 gallons.
One thing is certain, the Aquagear filter has been found to be the most effective pitcher filter in reducing contaminants.The Aquagear filter has been rigorously tested to NSF Standards 42 and 53 by an independent lab. This means that it meets or exceeds the protocols for contaminant reduction set by the NSF organization.
The company claims that, on top of being BPA-free, the materials it uses for this pitcher are “100% recyclable, 100% vegan.” It also claims that it’s manufactured entirely in the USA. If you find these to align with your own ethical priorities, this might be the pitcher for you.
The longer filter life is nice. Only needing to change the filter twice a year is a lot better than every few months.
Meets NSF standards 42 and 53 for reducing contaminants.
Removes all the harmful Contaminants including lead, chromium, mercury, and chlorine.
When it comes to the tests for quality, this model from Aquagear has been thoroughly tested in specialized facilities in Flint, Michigan and it scored and exceeded the NSF standards 42 and 53 for contaminant reduction.
This is probably the best-looking water filter pitcher in the list and if you are willing to buy a pitcher that perfectly goes with your office or home interiors then you should not look any further then this pitcher.
The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is proven by independent and ISO 17025 accredited labs tests to remove the most harmful but common tap water contaminants, including lead (97.5%), Fluoride (90%), Chlorine (99.99%), Chromium 6 (99.87%), Mercury (99.6%), Trihalomethanes (99.99%), DDT (98.8%).
The Aquagear filter is BPA-free and made in the U.S. 100% food grade materials, 100% vegan, and 100% recyclable materials are used.
100% made in the USA, this filter pitcher boasts of a premium design…plus the ability to remove 2000% more water contaminants than the competition.
Using the triple capacity filters delivering 150 gallons of water from each, you will be getting total 450 gallons of water. Thus, there will be plenty of water available with us for carrying out our day to day tasks. It will be functioning till a long time period without any kind of hassle.
Can remove fluoride and many other contaminants.
The Aquagear filter is made in the USA and is made with premium, food grade materials. The plastic is 100% recyclable and 100% BPA free.
The lifespan of the cartridge is six months, and the subscription offers you peace of mind to have a filter cartridge available at all times.
The manufacturer claims the filter can successfully remove 2000% more contaminants than standard Brita filters, all while keeping healthy trace minerals in your water. It has a unique lead/fluoride filter that most similar products do not have.
It removes thousands of times more contamination than Brita’s standard filter and removes pathogens down to two microns. The pitcher carafe is constructed with recyclable, FDA-approved food grade materials, and it gets good reviews for being sturdy and ergonomic.
What’s great about it is its premium design and the fact that you are doing a good thing both for yourself and the environment as it is 100% vegan-friendly as well.
Effective against Fluoride. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is one of the few effective water filters that are capable of blocking fluoride from finding their way to your drinking water. The model is capable of removing over 90% of the fluoride in your tap water.
The Aquagear pitcher uses a 5 stage water filtration system. The filters are made in the USA and remove chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, VOCs, and more.
The best thing about Aquagear Water Filter is that it does not strip out useful trace components such as magnesium and calcium from the water.

What reviewers didn't like

It's the most expensive model we reviewed,but it provides unbeatable filtration and great tasting water.
Takes a while to filter.
Fairly expensive.
High price tag.
Not the best at removing salts, we didn’t think it made water taste great.
Lid design could be better to avoid splashing water around while pouring.
Price – This unit removes more contaminants than many brands, but it also has a much higher price.
However, the design has its flaws, especially the gap between the spout and top reservoir, which makes it impossible to pour clean, filtered water from the bottom while there is liquid in the top reservoir, without mixing the two.
Lack of color variety means limited choice to match kitchen: For some, a clear pitcher is less than desirable. However, for this size and filter option, there are no other colors available. This means the options are to either choose an alternative brand or deal with the clear product version.
The filling time is slow and gets even slower as the cartridge gets old.
- Ewash
After a few days, the flow rate may decrease significantly.
A bit slow filtering.
Flow rate can slow after awhile
Doesn’t include a filter change indicator.
- Heavy
Unfortunately, there is no indicator to tell you when the filter needs to be replaced.
Filtering process gets slower once you’ve used it for a month or more.
Filters are more expensive per piece, and may not be as universally available.
Customers who left negative reviews say that the filtration process is extremely slow, even after flushing the filter cartridge.
The Clearly Filtered pitcher does have the Aquagear beat regarding what it can remove from your water and the use of medical grade plastic. Those are two places we think Aquagear could improve on, especially since it has a higher price tag.
One of the drawback is the time it takes for the whole filtration process to be completed. Lastly, its design is inconvenient in some ways. You can’t refill the reservoir unless the first batch of water is completely filtered.
The filter will likely slow down with extensive use. Yes, it will still be able to clean about 150 gallons of water before it stops working but only after a few weeks, its rate goes down tremendously.
The plastic flap is less stiff and cannot be opened easily.
Even though the filter cartridges utilized by this filter are very effective, they filter the water slowly. you have got to wait for a pitcher to fill.
The flow rate on the filter can be extremely slow.
This product from Aquagear may be one of the pricier ones on our list.
Due to the nature of water filter pitchers in general, the filtration process is very slow (10 minutes per fill).
Slow filling time especially after the first month of using filter.
Slow Filling Time – The filter starts with a slow filling time which only gets slower as the filters are used.
Slightly more expensive than the usual pitcher.
No filter replacement indicator or reminder included.
Slow filtration. I would love to see one with the higher capacity.
The pitcher itself is made from BPA-free plastic and is effortlessly filled from the top. There is one thing missing here and that is a filter life indicator.
Does not remove bacterium or viruses. Pitcher filters in general may not be the best for well water.
The reservoir only holds 1/2 gallon of filtered water. I sometimes drink a gallon of water a day, and if the filter takes as long as people say it does, I’d be irritated for sure. The guy who purchased the 2.5-gallon jug to make large batches had the right idea. If not, the capacity is too small for multiple people or a family.
It's expensive.
Filter quality needs few improvements.
The little plastic 'flap' that opens at the pour area of the filter sticks a bit.
No filter change reminder.
One of the most frequent and important issues people reported was that the filter would take a long time to work. This can be mitigated by flushing the filter again if it seems to be getting too slow.
Aquagear is a pricey water filter pitcher.
The downside of course is that this pitcher costs 2-3x the amount of others on this list. The replacement filters are similarly expensive.
Removes less fluoride than the Clearly Water pitcher.
Pricey even though it is still made of plastic.
It Has a Limited Carrying Capacity- with a capacity of 0.5 gallons of water, this unit is quite small for a large family. The manufacturer should increase it to make it more effective.
Customers report the filter is very slow after just a few uses. However, other mention being happy to wait if it cleans the water better.
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