APC SurgeArrest Power Strip With USB Ports

Last updated date: March 12, 2020

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APC SurgeArrest Power Strip With USB Ports

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We looked at the top Power Strip Surge Protectors and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Power Strip Surge Protector you should buy.

Update as March 20, 2020:
Checkout The Best Power Strip Surge Protector for a detailed review of all the top power strip surge protectors.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 53 expert reviews, the APC SurgeArrest Power Strip With USB Ports placed 9th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

APC 11 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with USB Charging Ports, 2880 Joules, SurgeArrest Home/Office (P11U2).

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9 expert reviews

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3,805 user reviews

What experts liked

An APC uninterruptible power supply (or UPS) is a great investment if you’re looking to protect your gear and get a bit of battery power during an outage, but the company’s surge protectors are also a solid choice if you just need some basic protection. This one in the Home/Office series has plenty of well-spaced outlets, along with two USB cords to keep all your devices powered and charged. You’ll also get some added peace of mind from APC’s lifetime warranty and equipment protection policy.
- Popular Mechanics
Offers protection for up to 11 electronics, in addition to conveniently charging your mobile devices via two additional USB ports. Convenient 180-degree rotating power cord and right-angle plug. Three LED indicators inform you if there is any overload, unit, or wall wiring issues. Sliding safety shutters on each receptacle protect children and adults from accidental contact with unused outlets.
- The Architect's Guide
Plenty of outlets – with 11 of them lying around, you will never run of outlets to plug all your favorite electronics in. Moreover six of the outlets are nicely spaced out, allowing for huge transformer-type plugs and proper utilization of all available outlets.High Joules Rating – APC P11U2 has a huge power surge absorption of 2880 joules which is way higher than most surge protectors. Having a high joules rating means having the ability to withstand more power spikes and surges before the surge protector calls it a day (dead).
- Gag The Surge
Similar to other models that product comes with an on/off switch that can cut power to all ports. It uses an indicator LED to show when the connected devices are protected and come with a long power cord. The surge protector works with virtually any device such as computers, TVs, laptops, tablets, smartphones cameras and many others.
- All Top 10 Best
USB charger slots are provided for all your mobile devices. This protector utilizes the P11U2 surge arrest technology to protect you appliances from power interruptions and lightning. It is designed by designers who are known to provide reliable and safe protection. There equipment policy provides for a lifetime warranty. It comes with 6-transformer and 5 regular spaced outlets which increase flexibity. A 180 degree rotating power cord provides flexible installation.
- V Best Reviews
Two USB ports-The number of portable electronic gadgets grows day by day. With you and kid's smartphones needing charging, the outlets might not be enough. Add in tablets, and you have a crisis on your hands. You can do away with the adapters and choose to plug directly to the power strip's USB ports. Outlet congestion will, as result, be a thing of the past.
- Early Experts
Has all it requires to keep your electronics and data safe from surge, lightning, and spike damages. You can protect and charge a total of 13 devices, with the strip’s 11 outlets and 2 USB fast charging ports for your tablets and smartphones. One of the things to consider while shopping for a power surge protector is the manufacturer, and APC is always unbeaten.
- CTOP Reviews
For those buyers who are willing to connect all their major electrical devices to one surge protector, this will be a perfect buy. With 2880 joule rating this surge protector can easily handle all your valuable electronics. Below is the list of top features of the power strip.
- Review Unfold
The surge arrester features five regular and 6 transformer-spaced outlets for oversized plugs. 5 LED indicators warn of overload, unit manufacturing, and differnt wall wiring issues.
- Best Advisor

What experts didn't like

Sight difficulty when plugging in items into sockets. Mounting guide not drawn to scale.
- Gag The Surge
Comes with a higher price tag.
- All Top 10 Best
Most APC gadgets don't state their clamping voltage on the description.
- Early Experts
- Review Unfold
A relatively large size of the applicance.
- Best Advisor

An Overview On Power Strip Surge Protectors

Electricity can be a scary thing so taking the right precautions for your electronics is an absolute must. For most home offices, a power strip that has multiple outlets can accommodate all the devices. But if the power strip is overloaded, it could fry everything that is plugged into it if it doesn’t shut off. This is where the surge protector comes in to play. Let’s see how they work and why you need one.

A surge in an electrical outlet is a significant increase in voltage that surpasses the set amount of electricity for that outlet. If too many devices are plugged into a power strip and it calls for more voltage than that outlet is designed to put out, then it will surge that voltage on the electronics, and they will “fry” or burn out.

When you purchase a power strip with a surge protector, you will prevent your electronics from burning out in the case of a surge. Inside a surge protector are different devices that direct the outstanding voltage to a grounding wire and away from the actual outlets. The main component is the metal oxide varistor also known as the MOV. This part connects the power line and the ground line before the electricity reaches the individual outlets. Surge protectors are a valuable asset to have to keep your electronics safe and functioning.

There are several styles of power strips with surge protectors to select. The more common type is a unit that looks like a wand and has a thick cord that plugs into the wall outlet. The bototek Power Strip Surge Protector With USB Ports, the AmazonBasics Power Strip Surge Protector, 2-Pack and the Tripp Lite Power Strip Surge Protector are all the wand type. The Philips Surge Protector Wall Tap, 2-Pack is the wall unit that plugs the unit directly into the wall, leaving you with a bigger outlet-looking unit. Both types are effective in protecting your electronics from surges.

The Power Strip Surge Protector Buying Guide

  • Look for a warranty that covers not just the power strip but also insurance on your electronics in case of failure.
  • Make sure the power strip adheres to safety standards with automatic shutoff among other standards.
  • Consider a power strip with USB ports so you can charge your phone and devices on the same unit without taking up an outlet.
  • Make sure the spacing of the outlets is generous so that if you have bulky plugs, they all fit well.