Anvil Small Combination Padlock, 4-Pack

Last updated date: January 25, 2020

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Anvil Small Combination Padlock, 4-Pack

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In our analysis of 24 expert reviews, the Anvil Anvil Small Combination Padlock, 4-Pack placed 10th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note June 11, 2020:
Checkout The Best Lightweight Padlock for a detailed review of all the top lightweight padlocks.

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2 expert reviews
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From unique colors to flexibility to being TSA approved and lightweight, Anvil cable locks really have it all. Anvil offers competitive prices and lifetime warranties on their locks, as well as durable zinc alloy materials.
- Land Of The Traveler
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From The Manufacturer

Anvil cable locks offer a high degree of flexibility without sacrificing security. Cable locks allow larger hard pieces of luggage such as Pelican cases to be safely secured. The cable will also fit nearly any standard size zipper. Not only are our locks great for travelling, you can also use them at the gym, school, or home. With quality and a price that’s hard to match, Anvil locks are a great answer for your security needs. Make sure your luggage isn’t left unlocked by the TSA. Our locks use a special design that requires baggage inspectors to relock them before removing their master key. Last but not least, all our locks are backed up with a warranty which shows our confidence in the craftsmanship of our product.

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Puroma Combination Padlock, 2-Pack
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Anvil Small Combination Padlock, 4-Pack
10. Anvil Small Combination Padlock, 4-Pack
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 2
The Chestnut Combination Padlock
11. The Chestnut Combination Padlock
Overall Score: 8.6
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Lion Locks Keyed Padlock, 12-Pack
12. Lion Locks Keyed Padlock, 12-Pack
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An Overview On Lightweight Padlocks

With the theft of private property on the rise in college campuses and other locations, it’s more important than ever to protect your belongings with a padlock.

But as home expert Vicki Liston points out, you may not always need a heavy-duty padlock to lock up your stuff.

“Lightweight padlocks can still provide some peace of mind as you lock up, say, a gym locker or a bike for a short period of time,” she said.

When shopping for a lightweight padlock, you must first decide if you need to use the lock indoors or outdoors.

“Make sure your lightweight padlock is up to withstanding its environment if you plan on using it outdoors,” recommends Liston.  “If it will be exposed to the elements, it should be weather and moisture-resistant, so its locking mechanism doesn’t suffer as a result of corrosion and rust damage.”

You’ll also need to determine whether a combination padlock or a key-operated padlock is best. Combination locks are an excellent choice if you tend to forget where you leave your keys, however, Liston notes that key locks “have proven to be the most resilient in impact tests.”

If you opt for a key lock, pay attention to how many locking pins are used. You’ll also want to check that the lock has dual locking levers, as these are harder to pry apart.

“Padlocks with four pins are harder to pick than their three-pin counterparts,” says Liston.

Look for any extra features that the lightweight padlock may have to offer. For example, locks that are designed for use on a gym locker may come with non-slip grips on the sides and bottom of the lock.

DWYM Fun Fact

The Egyptians were one of the first people groups known to have used locks. They made them out of wood about 4,000 years ago. The Romans used iron to construct their locks. Today, most padlocks are made out of hardened steel.

By the 1800s, padlocks were mass-produced and made available to a larger number of people.

While key locks date back to 704 BC, combination locks weren’t invented until 1857. They were created by a man named James Sargent.

The Lightweight Padlock Buying Guide

  • Sometimes a padlock’s combination can be difficult to reset. You’ll want to make sure the company has a customer service team that is known for being helpful when technical difficulties arise.
  • Liston says, “Smart locks have recently come on the scene; however, I would discourage their usage simply because of their uniqueness.  While this type of lock employs the convenience of your smartphone to open, it will also catch attention. With a much loftier price tag, you may find your padlock to be the focus of a thief and not the potential items being protected by this cool piece of technology.”
  • Some locks are available in a variety of colors. Check to see whether the company randomly assigns those colors or whether you are given the opportunity to pick the color yourself.
  • “Padlocks with digit or word-dials pose a risk of being easily opened,” warns Liston. “If the manufacturer of your digit dial lock has directions posted on their website for how to reset the code, your thief won’t need to struggle with incorrect guesses.”
  • Liston recommends “mindfully resetting all dials to their ‘home’ or ‘zero’ position, as this is an indicator to a burglar that your lock won’t be a quick pick.”
  • When it comes to the cost of lightweight padlocks, you’ll find that key locks tend to cost less than combination locks. Size also plays a role in price. The Desired Tools Combination Padlock is larger than some others, and therefore, costs a little more.