Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Sous Vide For The Home Cook

Last updated date: May 19, 2020

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Overall Take

In our analysis of 79 expert reviews, the Anova Culinary Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Sous Vide For The Home Cook placed 11th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note May 27, 2020:
Checkout The Best Sous Vide For The Home Cook for a detailed review of all the top sous vides for the home cook.

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11 expert reviews
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1,003 user reviews
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What experts liked
A superior sous vide machine that delivered one of the best all-around performances that we have seen to date. It did a very thorough job of circulating the water throughout the container in our test and was one of the more accurate models in our temperature tests. On top of all that, it is extremely convenient and easy to use, making it one of the best SV machines you can get.
- Tech Gear Lab
In our tests the Precision Cooker heated a water bath 5 minutes faster than the Precision Cooker Nano.
- New York Times Wirecutter
We found the Anova sous vide cooker easy to use. The cooker attached easily to our pot and we were able to simply cook our food in a sealed bag with the sous vide cooker. The device heated fast and it is water resistant, so any splashes didn’t affect it.
- LowBright
When it comes to affordable, at home sous vide options, there’s no questioning the fact that Anova makes one of the best sous vide machines out there. Affordable.
- Cool Material
Very pleased! Excited to try more dishes using it!! I chose it because it could be used manually, separate from an app. Simple to use!
- Sur La Table
This model is more powerful and boasts 1000 watts. The special clamp and stainless-steel skirt can be easily detached for super easy cleaning and this is therefore a zero-hassle model.
- Kitchenistic
Never worry about an overcooked steak again. If you want to up your game in the kitchen, the Anova Precision Cooker is the tool to have. It's easy to use, its app spells things out simply for newbies, and it's easily adaptable to any pot you have in your kitchen.
- Tom's Guide
It’s very well constructed, precision-machined, and made from metal and stainless steel parts. The Precision Cooker has three components: the main control/heating device, metal protective skirt, and mounting clamp. Has a bright and responsive touchscreen enabling you to set your temperature, time, and monitor progress. Using the touchscreen to set the time and temperature is easy and intuitive. Though using the Anova app was even easier than using the Precision’s touchscreen.
- The Gadgeteer
The app is filled with directions and basic recipes for preparing, cooking, and finishing dishes like steak, lobster, and lamb. Tapping Cook This Guide in any recipe will automatically enter the temperature and time requirements for the sous video process, letting you start heating the water bath with a tap. The network connectivity and app support make cooking easier and provide handy references for the right temperatures and cooking times for your food.
- PC Magazine
There is also a start-stop button and a Wi-Fi indicator on the display. The streamlined display is much simpler than the touchscreen Anova One Sous Vide Circulator. An LED backlit scroll wheel beneath the display lets you adjust the set temperature easily. The device slides into an adjustable ring clamp that screws onto the side of a pot and suspends the stainless-steel covered pump, heating coil and temperature sensors into the water.
Makes great food. App full of recipes. Holds temperature well.
- Digital Trends
What experts didn't like
Unfortunately, this model did show some temperature fluctuations in our stability test, spending 18% of the hour off of its steady-state temperature.
- Tech Gear Lab
All these hardware features, the faster heating, and Wi-Fi connectivity are nice, but they don’t justify the higher cost.
- New York Times Wirecutter
I wish I’d known the timer function doesn’t turn off the device when it gets to zero, it’s literally just a timer.
- Sur La Table
I found that you need to have a fairly deep pot, or else you won't be able to clamp the Anova to the side of the pot.
- Tom's Guide
It would be nice if Anova offered some sort of storage case for their sous vide cookers.
- The Gadgeteer
had some difficulty connecting it to my home network through the app on my Google Pixel 3a XL, but after a few tries I got it set up with my iPad Mini. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity for simpler, direct pairing like the less powerful Anova Precision Cooker Nano ($99.99).
- PC Magazine
No ice bath option.
- Digital Trends

From The Manufacturer

The all-new Anova Precision Cooker — improved connectivity, more power, and faster heat up times, all in a smaller design. A secret in professional kitchens for decades, sous vide works by circulating heated water in a pot at a very precise temperature according to the desired doneness of your food, holding it there for the duration of your cook for exceptional results. With just 3º making the difference between a rare and medium-rare steak, precision is key in the kitchen. This simple and approachable technique eliminates overcooked, dried out food and ensures edge-to-edge perfection every time you cook!

Overall Product Rankings

2. Instant Pot Accu Slim Sous Vide For The Home Cook
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 11
3. Breville Joule 1100-Watt Sous Vide For The Home Cook
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 12
4. AUAG 950-Watt Immersion Sous Vide For The Home Cook
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 1
5. Inkbird WIFI 1000-Watt Sous Vide For The Home Cook
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 4
6. PAVLIT FAMIROSA 1000-Watt Sous Vide For The Home Cook
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 1
7. Fityou 1100-Watt Thermal Sous Vide For The Home Cook
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 0
8. REDMOND 1000-Watt Sous Vide For The Home Cook
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 3
9. Wancle 850-Watt Thermal Sous Vide For The Home Cook
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 10
10. SOUSVIDE ART 1000-Watt Sous Vide For The Home Cook
Overall Score: 8.4
Expert Reviews: 2
11. Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Sous Vide For The Home Cook
Overall Score: 8.3
Expert Reviews: 11

An Overview On Sous Vides For The Home Cook

Sous vide machines are no longer exclusively used by professional chefs in fancy restaurants. Home cooks looking for a new way to add flavor to their favorite meals can now use the sous vide as well. In fact, individuals who are just beginning their culinary journey will appreciate that foods prepared using this method are impossible to overcook, which means your dish will never be dried out and tasteless!

There are several different sous vide for the home cook models on the market. It is important that you examine their features in order to choose a machine that can meet your specific needs.

Start out by inspecting the construction of the sous vide machine. Some are made using durable stainless steel with a rubber coating over their handles, while others feature a high-quality plastic. If the unit is made out of plastic, just make sure it is listed as BPA-free. Size may also be important if you reside in a smaller living space. Should this be the case, look for a slim model that fits neatly in a kitchen drawer.

Check the sous vide for the home cook’s pump system next. Some rely on convection currents, while models like the Instant Pot Accu Slim Sous Vide For The Home Cook have their own active pump system to circulate the water and keep it heated evenly. This eliminates any hot or cold spots that may prevent your food from being the same temperature throughout.

Review the power of the sous vide for the home cook next. Units with just 750 watts of power are fine for smaller pots, however, if you have a big family and you need to heat a large pot of water, you’ll need a more powerful motor. The Breville Joule 1100-Watt Sous Vide For The Home Cook comes with a 1100-watt motor that is able to heat up your water much faster.

Determine how the sous vide machine operates. For example, the unit may have an LED touchscreen that allows you to set the temperature and timer or it may come with a downloadable app. The app would require you to have access to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Anova Culinary 750-Watt Culinary Nano Sous Vide is unique, in that, it is actually equipped for both methods of operation.

Look for any bells and whistles that the sous vide for the home cook may have to offer. The AUAG 950-Watt Immersion Sous Vide goes above and beyond with its 30 smart recipe preset buttons and precision temperature controls. In fact, the unit has an accuracy of .01 degrees. Users can set it anywhere from 77 to 211.8 degrees Fahrenheit and program it to cook for up to 99 hours and 99 minutes.

DWYM Fun Fact

It may surprise you to learn that the sous vide wasn’t originally designed for use with food. It was created for heating water baths in a laboratory to incubate live cultures and testing materials for scientific experiments.

Once foods began to be vacuum sealed in the 1960s, the sous vide was utilized to seal and pasteurize the food. Before the sous vide made its way into your home, it was used in restaurants for its ability to make foods more flavorful. In fact, chef Georges Pralus discovered that pouched foods cooked in plastic lost the least amount of fat. This was an important revelation as fat equals flavor.

You may be wondering how the sous vide works. The words “sous vide” are actually French for “under vacuum.” Just as the name implies, the sous vide actually cooks vacuum-sealed foods slowly in a water bath. This method traps in the moisture by cooking the inside and outside of the food at the same rate, so your food ends up tasting more flavorful.

Another perk to using the sous vide is that it doesn’t shrink foods as they cook. Other high temperature cooking methods can cause meats and other foods to shrink during the cooking process. Sticking with a lower temperature over a longer period of time doesn’t break down the food’s fibers, so the food remains its original shape and size.

The Sous Vide For The Home Cook Buying Guide

  • Reviewers report that some sous vide for the home cook models can take a while to heat a large pot of water. They also report that certain models have temperature controls that can be spotty.
  • Always check the sous vide’s attached clamp to ensure the pot you want to use meets the minimum height for it to attach properly.
  • Keep an eye on your Wi-Fi while using the sous vide for the home cook. If the Wi-Fi goes out at any time, even for a second, it can cause the wand’s timer to fall out of sync with the timer on the app you’re using.
  • Review the app that comes with the sous vide before you buy if possible. Some of the apps lack the ability to adjust cooking times based on the thickness of the meat you’re preparing. You want to make sure the app has the controls you desire to cook the foods to perfection.
  • Keep in mind that some sous vide models rely solely on your smartphone for operation. You won’t be able to adjust the temperature or timer on the unit itself.
  • Your sous vide for home use can be utilized to prepare more than just meats and vegetables. You can also use the machine to cook yogurt, roulades, custards, purees, cheese curds, oysters, French fries, beef stock, eggnog and even cocktails.
  • It’s good practice to keep your sous vide nice and clean. This task is extremely easy, as you’re using the machine in a water bath with food that remains inside a pouch. All you need to do is grab a lint-free cloth that is extra absorbent and use it to wipe down the inside and outside of the sous vide machine. If you do this after each use, your sous vide will last a long time.
  • You’ll find the sous vide for the home cook comes in a wide range of prices. The price is often dependent upon the design, wattage and the incorporation of today’s technological advances. The AUAG 950-Watt Immersion Sous Vide is more basic and therefore has the most affordable price tag. You’ll pay a moderate amount for both the Anova Culinary 750-Watt Culinary Nano Sous Vide and the Instant Pot Accu Slim Sous Vide For The Home Cook. If you’re looking for top of the line, go with the Breville Joule 1100-Watt Sous Vide For The Home Cook, as it heats up quickly and utilizes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for its operation.