AmazonBasics Kitchen Steak Knife Set, 8-Piece

Last updated date: February 25, 2020

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AmazonBasics Kitchen Steak Knife Set, 8-Piece

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We looked at the top Steak Knives and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Steak Knife you should buy.

Update as February 25, 2020:
Checkout The Best Steak Knife for a detailed review of all the top steak knives.

Overall Take

Don't let the low price fool you! The AmazonBasics Kitchen Steak Knife Set, 8-Piece doesn't slack when it comes to quality. The triple-riveted handles mean these knives are sturdy and durable. Each blade is also formed from just one piece of stainless steel. Thanks to the micro-serrated edges, you'll never need to sharpen these knives either, making them maintenance-free.

In our analysis of 90 expert reviews, the AmazonBasics Kitchen Steak Knife Set, 8-Piece placed 3rd when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

AmazonBasics brings you everyday items at a great value. An Amazon Brand.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

We love the tough, sturdy nature of these knives. Nice, aesthetic design that never needs sharpening.
- BestReviews
October 1, 2019 | Full review
Amazing set of steak knives. It allows you to own a couple of knives, with a single buy. Ergonomic handles, stainless steel blades, micro serrated edges, are some of its top features.
- Knife Lover
Excellent balance provided by the full-tang design.
- Kitchen Byte
This handle on this top-notch product is triple-riveted for stability.
- Knives Sensei
Offer micro-serrated edges that never need sharpening, ensuring effortless slicing and reliable, long-lasting performance.
- The Architect's Guide
August 1, 2019 | Full review
Such a great bang for your bucks as it includes very sharp knives which work for different purposes.
- Cookware Junkies
June 2, 2018 | Full review
Forged by using a single piece stain resistant steel material which is both durable and high performance as well.
- Paramatan
September 7, 2019 | Full review
The knives look pretty decent. AmazonBasics Premium 8-Piece Steak Knife Set has full tang design, which gives you good comfort and feels lightweight in the hand.
- Cookwared
The knife set comes with full tang for pleasant weight balanced and full bolster hand wash.
- Alterestimate
The knife harmonizes weight and balance which is hidden in the handle. It featured a triple-riveted handle that is made from soft material.
- Life with Kitchen
Definitely has a good weight and balance that will be quite easy to handle.
- Jen Reviews
Have a classic look and a sturdy feel, even though the materials are not the best out there (stain-resistant steel instead of stainless).
- Cooky Aunty
May 4, 2018 | Full review
This is a great set with amazing value for the money. They are full tang with a good weight and balance, and the micro-serrated edges do not need to be sharpened, ever.
- Finest Knife
Steak knives feature a uniquely designed blade that has sharp teeth that cut through meat with ease. As this set comes with eight knives, you might rush out to the grill to cook a few steaks and invite some friends over to share
- Top Value Reviews
Besides being constructed of sturdy and durable materials, these knives come with triple riveted handles and micro-serrated edges that do not require sharpening at any time in their lifetime.
- Top Guide Pro
May 16, 2019 | Full review
The knives are forged from a single piece of stain resistant steel, and the full tang design gives them an ideal weight and balance and full bolster.
- Thoroughly Reviewed
The knives contain micro-serrated blades that never need sharpening. These knives are good for preparing and enjoying food. They are not dishwasher-safe.
- Best Reviews Now
June 28, 2017 | Full review
It is an excellent steak knife at a low price.
- Sullivan Steak House
Cutting performance, we are impressed with its sharpness.
- 10beets
The blades are designed with the micro-serrated edges which make them work like a charm for the lifetime. You would never need the sharpening.
- Space Mazing
August 28, 2018 | Full review
The knives are high-quality performing as they will allow you to comfortably slice through the tantalizing meal with ease and quickness. These knives come with tiny serrations on their blades.
- Cookware Ideas
The knife is completely free from rusting, corrosion, or staining. Due to the micro serrated edges, this model will hardly need sharpening ever.
- OutdoorGearToday
This is one of the best set of knives I’ve used so far, especially for this price. It is full tang has a nice and strong riveted handle, good solid bolster, is quite well-balanced and is a single piece construction, for this price it is absolutely a win-win.
- ReviewPR

What experts didn't like

Hand-wash only.
- BestReviews
October 1, 2019 | Full review
Another drawback that was a big turnoff for me is the fact that they are to be washed by hand.
- Kitchen Byte
Major turn-off is that they should be washed by hand.
- Cookware Junkies
June 2, 2018 | Full review
Serrated edges can be easily blunt and can become dull.
- Cookwared
Slight flаwѕ іn the dеѕіgn оf the ѕtеаk knіfe.
- Life with Kitchen
Meat can sometimes cling to the knife: they do not have a perfect, clean slice.
- Cooky Aunty
May 4, 2018 | Full review
Have a tendency to tear through the meat instead of slicing through. The cuts tend to be messy, though that might depend on the kind of pressure or movement you're putting on the knife.
- Finest Knife
Hand wash only.
- Top Guide Pro
May 16, 2019 | Full review
They are not dishwasher-safe.
- Best Reviews Now
June 28, 2017 | Full review
It rips and shreds the meat.
- Sullivan Steak House
If there is one thing we would improve about this product, it would be the handle. We think it should be more comfortable than what it is.
- 10beets
The knife is not dishwasher friendly.
- OutdoorGearToday
Meat tends to shred a little due to micro-serrated edges.
- ReviewPR

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Chernoff is the dining editor of Better, a lifestyle website and print magazine. Her journalism started in the test kitchens of Weight Watchers Magazine. She holds a BA in English from Yale University and is a graduate of the California Culinary Academy. She has spent the last few decades styling, photographing, teaching, developing recipes, editing, thinking and writing about food.

An Overview On Steak Knives

If you’re a carnivore, you’ll want to consider adding a set of steak knives to your dining set.

“Meat-eaters only need apply when we are talking about steak knives,” says our expert Julie Chernoff, dining editor of Better, a lifestyle website and print magazine. “[Steak knives] need to be kept super sharp to cut through thick proteins.”


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This is especially important if your main source of protein comes from meat and poultry. Traditional dinner knives aren’t going to be sharp enough to cut through a thick steak or chicken breast.

As you shop for the best set of steak knives, keep the following features in mind:

Start off examining the steak knife’s blade. Most are made from a quality stainless steel that resists rust and corrosion. Depending on the how the knives are forged, however, they may come sharpened with the need to be resharpened every so often, or they may not require sharpening at all, like the AmazonBasics Kitchen Steak Knife Set, 8-Piece.

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You’ll also want to check the blade’s edges. Straight edges are nice if you’re looking for clean cuts, while micro-serrated edges are designed to assist you with cutting through tougher meats. There are also models, like the Emojoy Steak Knives, that feature rock-hollow dimples, which help guide the beef and poultry off the knife after it’s been cut.

Look to see how the blade and handle are connected. Models that feature a blade that extends all the way through to the end of the handle are ideal, as they are less likely to break free from the handle when you put extra pressure on them.

Simplemost Media

Verify that the handle is comfortable to hold and that it has an ergonomic design. This ensures you have full control of the knife and that you are able to cut meat with as little effort as possible. The handles on the SKY LIGHT Steak Knives meet these standards and also add a non-slip element to prevent accidental cuts. It’s a bonus if you find a knife set with handles that are waterproof. You won’t have to immediately dry these handles after use, as they won’t rot like non-waterproof models.

Look for any extras that add value to the steak knife set. Some sets come with sheaths to protect the knives or a beautifully designed gift box. The gift box not only gives you a place to store the knives, but it also makes the set an excellent choice for a housewarming, birthday or wedding gift.

The Steak Knife Buying Guide

  • Look for a customer satisfaction guarantee or a warranty before buying a set of steak knives. You may be surprised to learn that many companies actually offer a lifetime warranty on their knives, although some companies limit the lifetime warranty to certain defects. Still, that offers you more protection than you’d get with a set that had no warranties or guarantees.
  • Many steak knife sets are not dishwasher-safe and require owners to wash them by hand. It’s important to note that when you wash your steak knives, you should never toss them in a dishpan of soapy water with other utensils, plates or bowls, as doing this puts you at risk of getting cut.
  • Never use a steak knife for anything other than cutting food. Cutting other surfaces will dull the blades and make them ineffective the next time you go to slice through your steak.
  • Over time, the blades on your steak knife will dull, even when you are using them properly and for strictly cutting food. When that happens, you’ll need to use a sharpening tool to restore the blades back to their former glory. Just keep in mind that steak knives with serrated edges should be sharpened by a handheld knife sharpener instead of an electric knife sharpener, as you’ll need to carefully sharpen in between each edge.
  • In the event that your knife set doesn’t come with its own knife block, you’ll want to purchase a block to safely store them when they’re not in use. They make counter blocks, as well as in-drawer blocks. If you prefer, you can install a magnetic strip on your kitchen wall to hold the knives.
  • You’ll find that the prices for steak knife sets vary greatly. There are several factors involved in setting the price for these knives, with the two most important being the quality of the construction and the presentation. You’ll find the Emojoy Steak Knives and the AmazonBasics Kitchen Steak Knife Set, 8-Piece are more basic in design, and therefore have a lower price tag. The SKY LIGHT Steak Knives fall somewhere in the middle.