AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater

Last updated date: July 16, 2020

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AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater

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Overall Take

With a heat output of 46,000 BTUs, this outdoor heater is able to keep you nice and warm while you continue to enjoy time outdoors. The heater is available in eight different colors, including Havana bronze and Bahama blue. For safety, this outdoor heater has an automatic shut-off valve. In our analysis of 18 expert reviews, the AmazonBasics AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater placed 2nd when we looked at the top 9 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note July 21, 2020:
Checkout The Best Outdoor Heater for a detailed review of all the top outdoor heaters.

Expert Summarized Score
3 expert reviews
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2,032 user reviews
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What experts liked
Robust construction with a stable base, which can be filled with water or sand to create an extra weight to withstand heavy wind, Powerful 46,000 BTUs is able to heat an area of 18 feet in diameter, The price is very reasonable and highly affordable to all customers, Excellent feedback and ratings from Amazon customers
- Mushroom Heater
We have used this Amazon outdoor patio heater for over 2 years and it is still going strong. It is a strong contender compared to the other ones we have tested and used – made of durable steel, the parts and hardware are of good quality, is a sturdy product, has a strong adjustable heat output which is adjustable, and is definitely well worth the price. It also looks amazing!
- Patio Brothers
The Amazon Basics Havana Patio Heater is great to use at all times of the year and efficiently consumes gas. Set at medium, the heater can be used all winter. The heat produced is just enough and it remains quiet during operation. The size of the heater can fit small patios and can generate heat to make the night more bearable. The heater’s metal frame makes the heater stand well and users should add sand at the bottom to make sure it doesn’t fall over; the sand is additional reinforcement to keep the heater standing against wind.
- Patio Heater Expert
What experts didn't like
The instructions contain a few minor mistakes for both assembly and operation (can be overcome with a bit of logic and experience)
- Mushroom Heater
The height of the product is 89”, which some feel is too tall. It does not generate enough heat if you want to gain maximum direct heat; the stand is not adjustable to reduce the height. The product requires an LPG tank to be put in between the heater’s two feet and strong wind can create an imbalance; adding extra sand will be required to make the product more stable. The fire generated can cause the rim of the lamp to burn. If instructions are not followed properly and pressure from the tank is not adjusted, the heater’s steel frame may cause the flame to leak out.
- Patio Heater Expert

From The Manufacturer

Take full advantage of that well-loved outdoor living space--from one season to the next--with help from this commercial patio heater. The exceptionally powerful gas patio heater delivers soothing warmth that makes it easy to keep guests comfortable, even when temperatures begin to dip. From el fresco-style dining on the back deck to swanky cocktail parties on the patio to sipping cocoa under a star-filled sky, the commercial patio heater offers the ultimate solution for anyone serious about year-round outdoor entertaining.

Overall Product Rankings

hOmeLabs Premium Drink Shelf Tabletop Gas Patio Heater
1. hOmeLabs Premium Drink Shelf Tabletop Gas Patio Heater
Overall Score: 9.8
Expert Reviews: 2
AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater
2. AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater
Overall Score: 9.5
Expert Reviews: 3
Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater
3. Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater
Overall Score: 9.3
Expert Reviews: 5
FDW Outdoor Standing LP Gas Propane Patio Heater
4. FDW Outdoor Standing LP Gas Propane Patio Heater
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 0
PAMAPIC Commercial Gas Outdoor Standing Patio Heater
5. PAMAPIC Commercial Gas Outdoor Standing Patio Heater
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 1
sundate Electric Wall-Mount Heater & Remote
6. sundate Electric Wall-Mount Heater & Remote
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 1
TRUSTECH Infrared Patio Space Heater & Remote
7. TRUSTECH Infrared Patio Space Heater & Remote
Overall Score: 9.0
Expert Reviews: 2
BELLEZE Premium Propane Patio Heater
8. BELLEZE Premium Propane Patio Heater
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 1
Mr. Heater Double Tank Top Outdoor Heater
9. Mr. Heater Double Tank Top Outdoor Heater
Overall Score: 8.6
Expert Reviews: 0

An Overview On Outdoor Heaters

Enjoying a meal or time outdoors with friends doesn’t have to end when fall approaches. An outdoor heater will extend the season several months, depending on where you live in the country. When shopping for a quality outdoor heater, there are a few things you need to know.

First, take a look at the outdoor heater’s BTUs. While you can purchase a top-notch heater with 40,000 BTUs, you may wish to go for a model like the AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater that is capable of an output of 46,000 BTUs. This type of unit is a better choice if you want the warmth to reach a greater distance or you simply enjoy being enveloped by a hotter temperature.

Second, review how easy the outdoor heater is to move from one location to another. This is important, as you’ll need to store the heater in a safe place in between uses. The FDW Outdoor Standing Patio Heater solves this dilemma by including a set of back wheels. All you need to do is slightly tilt the unit and you can effortlessly push it back and forth.

Third, consider the outdoor heater’s overall design. Are you looking for a tall model that stands alone or do you want a unit that can be mounted on your patio wall? Perhaps you’d like a heater that offers a little pop of color to your outdoor living space? Of course, there are also models like The Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater that offer a unique shape in an attractive finish.

Finally, look for an outdoor heater that has a little something extra. For example, the hOmeLabs Premium Tabletop Gas Patio Heater has a removable table surrounding its center pole. Guests can use the table to hold everything from drinks to cell phones while socializing.

DWYM Fun Fact

Do you know that there are lots of published studies that reveal how important it is to spend time outdoors? Here are just a few results from some of those surveys:

  • Exercise is actually easier when you go outside. This was discovered when the University of Essex studied a group of participants who exercised watching environments of different colors. The participants in the green group fared better than those in the red and gray groups.
  • Spending time outside increases creativity. The “Journal of Experimental Psychology” published a research report that showed that creativity was increased when participants were walking versus when they remained seated.
  • Going outside is a great way to reduce your stress levels. Results from a study in the journal “Landscape and Urban Planning” revealed that the participants with the lowest cortisol levels lived in areas surrounded by nature.

The Outdoor Heater Buying Guide

  • Check whether any tools are required to assemble the outdoor heater you’re interested in. Some reviewers state that certain models are hard to assemble. You may want to recruit a friend to help or contact the company’s customer service number if you get stuck on any of the steps.
  • If the base of your outdoor heater isn’t stable on windy days, you can add extra sand around the base to keep it steady.
  • Most outdoor heaters are not suitable for indoor use or use in areas that are not well ventilated.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the outdoor heater’s product care manual, do not leave your heater out in the rain.
  • It’s a good idea to store your outdoor heater in a garage, shed or carport when not in use. If leaving the heater in an open carport, you may wish to also cover it with a tarp to protect it from flying debris and common pests.
  • Design plays the biggest role in the overall cost of an outdoor heater. The FDW Outdoor Standing Patio Heater is more basic, and therefore, one of the most affordable models. Both, the hOmeLabs Premium Tabletop Gas Patio Heater and the AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater are moderately priced. Thanks to its unique pyramid design and attractive bronze finish, the Hiland Pyramid Patio Propane Heater is able to command the highest price.