AmazonBasics Closet Organizer Rack

Last updated date: October 3, 2019

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AmazonBasics Closet Organizer Rack

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In our analysis of 95 expert reviews, the AmazonBasics AmazonBasics Closet Organizer Rack placed 5th when we looked at the top 8 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note December 23, 2019:
Checkout The Best Drying Rack for a detailed review of all the top drying racks.

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Overall Product Rankings

AmazonBasics Foldable Laundry Rack
1. AmazonBasics Foldable Laundry Rack
Overall Score: 9.4
Expert Reviews: 35
GENE Laundry Drying Rack
2. GENE Laundry Drying Rack
Overall Score: 9.2
Expert Reviews: 7
Cresnel Clothes Drying Rack
3. Cresnel Clothes Drying Rack
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 39
Tangkula Clothes Drying Rack
4. Tangkula Clothes Drying Rack
Overall Score: 8.7
Expert Reviews: 0
AmazonBasics Closet Organizer Rack
5. AmazonBasics Closet Organizer Rack
Overall Score: 8.4
Expert Reviews: 1
Yeshom Clothes Drying Rack
6. Yeshom Clothes Drying Rack
Overall Score: 8.1
Expert Reviews: 1
Newerlives Collapsible Clothes Drying Rack
7. Newerlives Collapsible Clothes Drying Rack
Overall Score: 7.9
Expert Reviews: 2
Household Essentials Clothes Drying Rack
8. Household Essentials Clothes Drying Rack
Overall Score: 7.2
Expert Reviews: 9

An Overview On Drying Racks

Whether your home is without a dryer, or you simply have a handful of delicates that can’t be dried in high heat, a drying rack is your answer. This handy invention allows clothes to air dry naturally. Since there are several different models for sale, you’ll want to read this guide to know exactly what to look for when you shop.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Decide whether you prefer to dry your clothing indoors or outdoors. Some drying racks are made for both conditions, but others, like the Household Essentials Clothes Drying Rack, are labeled for indoor use only. If the unit is safe to take outside, check the material the rack is made out of. You want to ensure it won’t rust after being exposed to the elements.

Next, determine the size rack you require. Singles and couples would do well with a smaller rack, while families would require an oversized drying rack. The AmazonBasics Foldable Laundry Rack holds 32 lbs. of laundry, while the GENE Laundry Drying Rack holds 165 lbs. That means the GENE would be a better choice for households of four or more.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Space is another issue you’ll need to consider. Most drying racks are designed to fold up so that they can be stored when not in use. If there isn’t enough room in your laundry area, you may be able to store the rack in a garage or basement.

Look for any extras that might come with the drying rack before making your final decision. The Cresnel Clothes Drying Rack, for example, includes special hooks for drying shoes, socks and slippers.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

DWYM Fun Fact

In the early days, clothes weren’t dried by hanging. They were simply laid out on a surface under the sun. Laundry may have been placed on a large rock or simply set over the grass. It wasn’t until the 16th century that drying racks were first spotted in paintings. Even still, the use of clotheslines and drying racks wasn’t widespread until the 1800s. In 1830, Merriam-Webster added the word “clothesline” to their dictionary.

Even though we have machines to dry our clothes today, drying racks are still popular. This is most likely due to environmental awareness and the understanding of how much energy is saved when clothes are dried naturally versus in a dryer.

The Drying Rack Buying Guide

  • Unless you leave your drying rack outdoors, it should only need a dusting with a damp rag once a month. Models that are left outdoors should be cleaned before each use, as they may have a coating of dirt, pollen or even leaves on them that could soil the clean clothes.
  • Drying your clothes naturally instead of using a gas or electric dryer can actually save you money over the course of year. In fact, The Old Farmer’s Almanac reports that allowing clothes to air dry actually reduces a household’s carbon footprint by 2,400 pounds per year.
  • It can take up to 24 hours for some clothing to dry naturally indoors. During the colder months, you may wish to do laundry more often to account for the extra drying time. You can also run a fan near the drying rack to help cut the drying time down.
  • Keep in mind that when you dry your clothing outside, the sun will naturally bleach your whites and make them appear brighter, but it will also fade clothes of color. If you want to take advantage of a nice breeze, you can still place your drying rack draped with colored clothing in the shade (out of the path of direct sunlight).
  • When comparing prices, it is important to consider where the drying rack can be used. Since the Cresnel Clothes Drying Rack can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is more expensive than the Household Essentials Clothes Drying Rack, which is only labeled for indoor use. The size of the drying rack will also play a role in the overall price. The GENE Laundry Drying Rack is large enough to hold 165 lbs. of clothing. So, you can expect the price tag to be more than smaller models, like the AmazonBasics Foldable Laundry Rack that holds just 32 lbs. of clothing.