ALOONO Complete Beginner Bar Set, 11-piece

Last updated: August 31, 2022

ALOONO Complete Beginner Bar Set, 11-piece

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If you want to tend bar like the professionals, this bar set is one to consider. Tools like the tongs and muddler are elegant and effective, but the real centerpiece is the Boston Tin-style shaker. Its two tins combine for a seal that stays watertight even in high-volume conditions.

In our analysis of 28 expert reviews, the ALOONO Complete Beginner Bar Set, 11-piece placed 2nd when we looked at the top 10 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

boston cocktail shaker set Stop looking and choose this gorgeous bar set by ALOONO, because you won’t find a more complete bar set anywhere, it has just about everything a professional bartender would need! This bar set is a must-have for any cocktail lovers or professional bartenders, because if you search on amazon, you would find that no other sets have the 3 strainers without comprising some additional accessories. ALOONO brings to you the ultimate professional cocktail shaker set! This premium 11-piece set is made of 304-grade steel ensuring durability, great for beginners & professionals alike and great for making your favorite mojito recipe. Most importantly, everything in our set has great weight, perfect finishes, and you can feel the difference between them and cheap products. The attractive gift packaging makes it an ideal gift for Christmas parties, house parties and birthdays. Go ahead, indulge in the best. It’s all for your better life! The Complete Set for Professional Bartenders or Cocktail Lovers bar tool set If you are tired of most common silver bar tools, try this beautiful black boston shaker set and it will be the greatest bar set you have ever owned! While bar supplies in silver are common, our black cocktail shaker set is designed to stand out. When they flew in the dark, just thinking about how nice they look in the light! The beautiful and elegant color makes our martini shaker set a perfect gift for any professional bartenders or serious cocktail enthusiasts. You and your friends or family deserve to have one for a great addition to a home bar, or for use at work, especially when you want to impress someone with the pretty cool color at party! 18 oz & 28 oz Shaker Tins boston shaker Durable Quality: this professional boston shaker is a premium offering from ALOONO It is made from food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is far superior to the steel in other bar kitchen gadgets and is 100% rust free Make your favorite mojito recipe or other cocktails time & again, without having to worry about wear & tear Scientific Structure: we deeply believe in functionality of design our boston shaker set is weighted and thickened to make sure that it will not bend, break, rust or warp, totally durable for high volume bars and home bars. They are kept thick so that the cocktail inside remains cold but it does not chill your hands when you are making your favorite margarita recipe The thickness of the lips also ensure that you would never cut yourself when cleaning. PERFECT WATER-TIGHT SEAL The two shaker tins are designed perfectly to fit each other to offer great water-tight seal, perfect for shaking cocktails like Mojitos and Margaritas or stirring Manhattan, Martini and Old Fashioned with the large tin For Different Occasions: ALOONO cocktail shaker is the preferred choice of professional bartenders as this set helps them stay on top of their game This makes it a reliable choice for beginners, home chefs and cocktail aficionados. You can now perfect that cocktail recipe and impress your friends with this great looking device. This boston shaker also makes for a great gifting item for those into shaking up various cocktail recipes Make Cocktails with Premium Bar Tools from ALOONO! Japanese style jigger ice tong mixing spoon If You Want An All In One Jigger, This Is The One To Get! with precise and accurate measurements for 2oz, 1.5oz, 1oz, 0.75oz and 0.5oz, our jigger covers every need you could have for any reasonable cocktails or drinks and easily measures every drop for making your favorite cocktails premium 304 food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, solid and durable, not flimsy like other brands smaller jigger: up to 1oz with 0.5oz&0.75oz marked on the inside larger jigger: up to 2oz with 1.5oz marked on the inside Solid 18/8 Stainless Steel Sugar Tong with Teeth solid & durable: made of heavy gauge 304 stainless steel, thick enough, stronger and more durable perfect size for ice bucket: measures 5.9″ by 0.79″, reasonable length and width makes it get the job done with little grip strength grip teeth assure easy & effective grabbing: features grip teeth for easy grabbing of cocktail ice cubes, so you will never fail to mix your drinks classic design & attractive color: the sleek & stylish design along the elegant copper color will impress your friends at parties versatile: could be used in bar, buffet or home kitchen for gripping ice cubes, sugar, food, and more. 12 Inches Long Handler Spiral Pattern Mixing Spoon the 12″ length makes our spoon suitable for everything, ideal for use with cocktail shakers, tall glasses and pitchers it is the right size to glide easily past the ice to the bottom of the glass, perfect for that which must be stirred, not shaken evenly mixes juices,drinks,dressings milkshakes, and more. twisted stem provides swizzle stick action so that you can stylishly and effortlessly combine cocktails with a simple stir Read more Our Unique Complete Cocktail Strainer Set hawthorne strainer fine mesh strainer julep strainer Use The High-end Hawthorne Strainer The Bartender Is Using! unlike regular shaker strainers, the strainer of this set is made of 100 springs versus the usual 30, keeps even small ice fragments or fruit pulp from making their way into your drinks compatible with most standard shakers: absolutely no worries about not compatible with your cocktail shakers, as this standard-sized strainer is designed to fit in almost all standard shaker tin, pint glasses and mixing glasses Fine Mesh Conical Strainer Tightly weaved mesh efficiently strains ice chips and fruit pulp for a crisp, clean drink, Conical shape offers large capacity for straining broth, juice, tea, canned fruit, rinsing rice, beans and more Made with high quality steel to make sure this fine mesh strainer will not rust, bend or break. In addition, it is designed for ergonomics and comfort, feels great in hand when making your cocktails Durable Julep Strainer measures 6.41″ by 3.07″O val shape fits perfectly into a mixing glass e ffective and charming way to strain ice, muddled herbs, fruits and spice out of your beverages and cocktails Essential Home Bar Supplies for Any Cocktail Enthusiast! cocktail muddler shaker tin liquor pourers Muddle & Mix the Perfect Cocktail Using our 8” Stainless Steel Cocktail Muddler with Grooved Nylon Head! ergonomic handle & diamond wedge-shape head makes our muddler pulverize mint, lime ,citrus juice, herbs, spices, sugar and other ingredients quickly and easily versatile: this muddler could also be used in kitchen to mash potatoes or mix BBQ sauce, to muddler herbs to spice meat, even to crush medicine pills if needed Just Shake with the great bar tools from ALOONO! If you are still searching for sturdy and heavy boston shaker set for many years of use, this is it! It is everything you are looking for in a bar set and you will never regret to buy it for yourself or your family and friend! Professional Liquor Pourers with Tapered Spout food-grade 18/8 stainless steel (304 sst) & high quality rubber cock for excellent durability, non-rust, easy to remove and replace; attractive black color makes our wine pourers stand out fit most standard bottle, not only for wine bottles, but also for bottles of olive oil, vinegar, coffee syrups, liqueurs, bourbon, wine, juice, and other products frequently used professional design to provide perfect water-tight seal, and the tapered spout shape helps to offer best accuracy & control to avoid spilling & splashing

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

It is a pretty durable shaker that will not bend or break easily. The shaker is designed for high volume homes and bars.
The remarkable thing about this cocktail shaker set is that it is designed with a water-tight seal, which offers a smooth pouring and prevents messy dripping.
The Boston Tin style shaker is slightly different than the standard 3-piece cocktail shaker. This Boston Tin-style means you’ll receive 2 shaker tins (one 18oz and one 28oz). When you slide them together, they provide a water-tight, spill-proof seal. A preferred design by professional bartenders, a Boston Tin shaker is multifunctional. Allowing to you shake your way towards the perfect Mojitos or Margarita.

What experts didn't like

It is slightly more pricey than other options on this Best Bartender Set list.


When friends are on the way to your place, anyone can stock the fridge with a few beers and wine bottles. What truly elevates a get-together into a party are cocktails. Mixing drinks shows that you care about your guests, and even when you’re not entertaining, it’s always nice to have the option to make yourself a nice martini or mai tai to cap off a long work week.

Of course, it takes more than just the booze. A good set of bartending tools makes the whole process of mixing a drink into a ritual to look forward to.

If you’ve never owned a home bar set, don’t be intimidated. You likely won’t need the entire arsenal of gadgets you see behind the bar at a fancy cocktail lounge, but there are a few essentials that every good home bartender should own.

First and foremost, there’s the shaker. Shaking drinks is the flashiest, most physical part of any cocktail preparation — and also the messiest if you don’t know what you’re doing. Amateurs might want to stick with a cobbler shaker, which is a drink container covered with a tight-fitting lid. The lid usually incorporates a cap with a strainer, so you can easily filter ice and other solids out as your pour.

The version you’ll see most commercial bartenders using is the Boston shaker, which is essentially two cups (usually metal), one smaller than the other. Making a watertight shaker out of the two — and pulling them apart to strain the drink — takes a bit of practice, but nothing says “I know my cocktails” more surely than doing it right.

Another must-have implement is a good jigger. That’s the tiny, double-ended cup bartenders use to portion out their liquor, and they come in two standard measurements: One ounce on one side, 1/2-ounce on the other; or 1 1/2 ounces on one side and 3/4-ounce on the other. Let the usual serving size of your drinks dictate the type you want to use.

Even if your shaker incorporates a built-in strainer, you’ll usually want a full-size strainer — especially if you plan on mixing drinks with a lot of fresh fruit, mint or other solid ingredients. The most common and effective type is the Hawthorne strainer, a perforated disk that’s fitted with a metal spring. It should fit snugly onto the shaker cup and makes light work out of filtering those tropical drinks. There’s also a Julep strainer, a simplified version that’s basically a perforated spoon that fits over the top of pint glasses. Need to filter the juice out of some seed-heavy fruits? You might also want a set with a mesh strainer, which is harder to find but effective at keeping seeds and leaves out of your drink.

Last but not least on the basic bar kit all-stars is the bar spoon. It’s a long spoon with a spiral handle, made specifically for stirring drinks without unduly bubbling up or “bruising” the alcohol. American, European and Japanese bar spoons offer subtle variations on the same basic design, but all of them will do the job.

Beyond those absolute musts, there is a wide array of tools that will make your bartending experience easier (or just more fun to watch). They include pour spouts, muddlers, wine keys, ice tongs, or even ice mallets (for making your own fresh-crushed ice). Let your experience level be the guide, and don’t be afraid to try some of these tools out even if you’ve never used them before. Every mixologist has to start somewhere.

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