Alaska Bear Adjustable Strap Silk Sleeping Mask

Last updated: October 7, 2022

The larger size and adjustable band make this sleeping mask one of the best at blocking out light from every angle. This is done by an extra flap in the nose and cheek area, which is typically where light would get through. The silk fabric is soft against your skin while still providing a cooling effect.

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Key Takeaway: Night shift workers and nappers will love this sleeping mask, which is one of the most effective at blocking out light.

In our analysis of 183 expert reviews, the Alaska Bear Adjustable Strap Silk Sleeping Mask placed 14th when we looked at the top 17 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

1 Turn off from the world – in your own style and conditions! Knowing you will often use our premium sleeping mask on the go, we enhanced with a high-quality drawstring carry bag for easy transport and safe storage. On top of that, for even more stylish appearance, even when you nap or sleep, you may explore 13 sleek patterns and color styles. Discover versatile and fashionable designs for both men and women. We literally have something for every taste. Improve the quality of your sleep – the time for silky smooth sleep is now! Welcome to Mulberry Silk Eye Sleep Mask – where deep silky smooth sleep is your new reality. 2 1 2 3 Quick nap or deep sleep anywhere No matter what you want: lazy afternoon naps at your home/resting and sleep on the plane/bus/ train/to focus on your yoga/meditation etc. All this is possible with our full coverage silk sleeping eye mask. And once you feel the comfort and luxury materials, you are sure to make it your travel accessory for relaxing and uninterrupted sleep anywhere, anytime! Perfectly fitted for 100% light blocking Perfectly fitted to your face due to the flexible design, you will wake up energized even after a bad night sleep. Snug the sleep silk mask tight to your face using the elastic strap and instantly feel refreshed and pampered. Then go, fall asleep with the comfort on your eyes and without the brightness, no matter if you want a quick energy nap or deep, restful full night sleep! Pampered and protected eye area It’s time to think for the future and protect your eye area! The silk in the eye cover enhances absorption of your beauty products, doesn’t tug or crease your eyelashes like cotton, and protects the delicate eye area. Creating a perfect synergy and balanced pH that help to increase skin hydration. Anti-aging benefits prevent under eye wrinkles by keeping you moisturized throughout your whole sleeping session. 1 2 3 Care Instructions Hand washes gently with a little mild shampoo/Soap in cool water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not scrub or twist. Gently squeeze out most of the water. Air dry. To make it last, keep out of washing machines, hot water, direct sunlight. High quality natural silk which feels heavenly Using high quality mulberry silk fabric, we remastered the eye mask to be ultra-smooth on both sides thus indulging your eyes every second of your sleeping. Fully adjustable headband The sleep mask uses a latex-free nylon elastic. The adjustable elastic headband makes a sleep mask suitable for any sleeping position. 1 2 3 One Strap Sleep Mask One Strap Sleep Mask(w/Nose Baffle) Two Straps Sleep Mask(w/Nose Baffle) Fiber 19 Momme Mulberry Silk 19 Momme Mulberry Silk 19 Momme Mulberry Silk Adjustable Elastic Strap One Strap One Strap Two Straps Extra Nose Baffle ✓ ✓ Portable organza pouch ✓ ✓ ✓ Main Features Simple one-strap model with fully adjustable LATEX-free and TANGLE-free headband. The ultimate light blocker – the ingenious little flap by the nose makes all positive difference. [Reminder: Make sure to flip the flap upward so it forms a nice seal.] Two-strap version stays on your face all night when toss and turn. Features dual tension-adjustable bands for optimal fit and minimum pressure on your head, go above and below ears.

Expert Reviews

What reviewers liked

As soon as I put the Alaska Bear mask on, I noticed how great it felt against my skin. Some masks at a similar price point can be itchy or rough, but the silk felt, well, like silk on my forehead, temples, and around my eyes.
We’ve mentioned earlier that the Alaska Bear uses 100% natural mulberry silk but what we failed to mention is that they use it on both sides of the mask. This means that you can quickly reverse it and still have a fully-functional mask.
Competitively priced and designed to be lightweight and unobtrusive on the face, this eye mask is made from quality, natural dark silk, making it cool and smooth against the skin for ultimate comfort.
When I pulled the mask out of its packaging, I felt like I was pulling out a tuft of cloud. Despite being only $10, it’s softer than the 100% cashmere sweaters in my closet, the 500-thread-count sheets on my bed and the expensive body butter in my bathroom.
- Today
A silken exterior material, flat design, and adjustable strap make this a fit for almost any face.
The entire mask is made from breathable, lightweight mulberry silk that helps sleepers stay cool regardless of their sleep environment. Unlike other silk masks, this one is not prone to slippage; a baffled nose flap helps keep the mask in place while still allowing it to block the maximum amount of light.
- Tuck
The straps are elastic and adjustable, so you can find the exact fit you need. And the strap adjuster is very small, so you won’t feel it when you’re lying in bed. There’s no velcro, so you won’t get your hair tangled in the straps.
ALASKA BEAR Natural Silk Sleep Mask is designed with an adjustable strap that can help you adjust how tight you want the mask or how loose you require it to be.
Crafted from 100 percent natural mulberry silk, this soft, ultra-plush sleep mask offers the utmost in breathability and comfort, and its gentle, easily adjustable headband makes it suitable for women, men, and children alike.
It’s comfortable thanks to its natural mulberry silk exterior that works on both sides of the mask, and it looks good too. It also works just as well for side sleepers as back sleepers.
Very soft as it is made of 100% 19mm mulberry silk.
- Mippin
Silk is not only soft, but cooling as well, and I can very much see this mask as bringing pain relief to its wearers if one is suffering from any sort of headache pressures. The slightly padded surface keeps the mask from being flimsy, but allows great flexibility and shaping to your face.
Relieves migraine and insomnia: Thanks to its unique design and construction, this product relieves insomnia while offering better blood circulation.
This super-soft and breathable eye mask is made of 100% top-quality natural silk. It is one of the best soothing masks in the world. It lies smoothly against your skin and is great for people with sensitive skin.
The absolute best thing about this mask is the material it’s made of. Honestly, it’s so soft that I felt like I was at the spa or something like that when I was wearing it. Moreover, the silk fabric is breathable and doesn’t make you feel hot, which is also good for the skin.
The mask is made with 100% mulberry silk on both sides and features an easy-to-adjust headband that rests right at the back of your head. The company claims it can help with issues like insomnia, migraine headaches, and dry-eye sufferers, thanks to the breathable, hypoallergenic silk.
The mask extends nice and low so that no light sneaks in at the base, and the padded, silky material fully blocks out light.
It is made with 19 momme natural mulberry silk, front and back. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available. It is a soft, durable silk that’s hypoallergenic, making it a good choice for people with sensitive skin.
You will appreciate the ability of this sleep mask to block light from reaching your eyes for excellent and restorative rest.
Made from 100% Mulberry Silk, your mask will keep the light out of your eyes without creating heat or making you sweat.
This sleep mask uses pure mulberry silk of the highest quality on both the sides which soothes the eyes to give you a relaxing experience.
At the time of this writing, the Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask appears to be the most-sold sleep mask on Amazon. This is likely due to one major reason – its comfort. If you’re the type who likes a tight blanket, you’ll love the comfort inherent in this mask. Its thin-yet-soft silk material will almost remind you of spandex, being that it does a great job of contouring to your face
This mask is made from top-quality materials such as 19mm natural mulberry silk on both sides. it’s very soft and smooth against your skin, not to mention, breathable.
It blocks the light out completely, even if the light is very bright. Made from natural mulberry silk, the Alaska Bear sleep mask feels extremely soft and smooth on your skin.
The first thing we noticed was how soft the material is. The Alaska Bear is made of 100% natural silk which also makes it much more breathable than synthetic fabrics.
It is made from top-quality mulberry silk. This material is very soft and smooth while being breathable to help aid in sleep and eye relaxation. It’s larger frame design eliminates light leakage.
The Alaska Bear is a super-smooth sleep mask, constructed from 100 percent top-quality mulberry silk on both sides and a gentle headband that won’t tangle or snag the hair.
One of the thing that sets it apart from other sleep masks is the flap sewn by the nose and cheek areas, where light usually seeps through. Furthermore, the mask has a soft contour shape that enables it to fit any face shape and size wonderfully.
It is super light, weighing in at 2 ounces. It is light enough to carry wherever you go. If you think this silk eye mask’s lightweight makes it unable to block light, think again. It blocks out all light, even with your eyes wide open and the lights on.
As our top pick, the ALASKA BEAR Natural is made with quality mulberry silk and is made to be breathable for your best comfortable sleeping experience. It does not interfere with your sleep and it does not snag your pillow or your hair at all.
The outside of the mask is made from Mulberry silk. This a very soft material that feels very smooth against the face. You shouldn’t feel like the mask is irritating your face.
The silk material does not absorb skin creams or lotions so you can put on night creams or moisturizers on your face before sleeping.
- Voonky

What reviewers didn't like

Alaska Bear mask was pretty bad on one particular point: it really, really smudged my eye makeup.
One minor complaint is that the materials used can smudge facial make up.
Headband may need tightening to keep mask from slipping, which can cause eye pressure
It lacks contoured eyecups and will apply some pressure to your eyes overnight like any regular eye mask does.
Some issues with tightness after time.
It doesn’t guarantee 100% total blackout coverage, given that the nose cutout doesn’t comfort perfectly to every nose.
It makes it difficult to blink your eyes when wearing these sleep mask.
- Mippin
Light can leak in due to head size (mostly a male complaint).
The worst thing about this sleep mask is the straps. Because they are super soft as well, they don’t stay in one place during the night. Maybe it’s just me, but I found them constantly moving up and down while I was turning and changing my sleeping position. If you’re not this active during sleep, you probably won’t have such an issue.
It did slip off in the middle of the night, but silk masks have a tendency to do that.
Issues with straps coming loose and letting in light.
Some complaints about the dye of the mask rubbing off.
Strap connections may be uncomfortable.
The fit may loosen over time.
Not machine washable; hand-wash only.
Adjuster can be irritating if lying on your back.
One thing to watch out for: a little light may seep through the nose area, especially when using the single-strapped eye mask.
The only non-deal breaking con with the ALASKA BEAR Natural is that it can fall off when it is not properly fastened, and it is not ideal for super heavy duty use.
Fit may loosen over time.
- Voonky
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