AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer, 150-Watt

Last updated date: September 30, 2021

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AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer, 150-Watt

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We looked at the top Juicers and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Juicer you should buy.

Update as September 15, 2022:
Checkout The Best Juicer for a detailed review of all the top juicers.

Overall Take

This juicer uses a seven-segment spiral that is designed to open up each cell to extract the most juice. This design also works to minimize oxidation, while also retaining the most vitamins and minerals.

In our analysis of 47 expert reviews, the AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer, 150-Watt placed 14th when we looked at the top 15 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

The Aicok Queen Juicer is the best choice on the masticating juicer market. Lead a better life with better nutrition! 1. Upgraded spiral system: Compared to other juicers, it has an upgraded spiral system for better nutrient extraction. Extract maximum juice yield, minimal oxidation. 2. Quiet motor: Featuring a quiet juice extraction process, even if used in the morning or at night, will not wake up the sleeping person. 3. Baby health: Fruit juice and pulp are perfectly separated, solve the problem that children don’t like fruit. Let the children drink nutritious juice. 4. Prevent clogging: The reverse function can quickly and effectively solve the jam of juice. Easy to clean and use.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Extracts juices efficiently thanks to the masticating motor capable of 80 RPM and convenient reverse feature. Very easy to use, from setup to cleanup.
- BestReviews
Operating at less than 60 decibels, the Aicok Cold Press is perfect for early risers who don't want to wake up housemates while making their morning beverage, and its 7-segment spiral auger helps to minimize oxidation and extract more juice.
- Wiki EZ Vid
Capable of making soy milk / nut milk. It is easy to assemble, de-assemble, and clean.
- Kitchen Gear Zone
It’s easy to clean, and all the internal parts are BPA-free and dishwasher safe.
- Juicer Kings
This juicer model is known for its highest performance in the market and won’t disappoint you at any stage of juicing.
- The Keen Hunter
A strong motor and a strong auger come together to make a powerful, durable juicer that has impressed countless consumers.
- All The Stuff
Unique 80 rpm low rate means less foaming or oxidation, no clogging or heat buildup. Pushes down "R" switch to prevent clogging
- Juicer Base
The quiet and stable operation of this juice maker will give you a comfortable juicing experience for you and your family. It is very easy to assemble, and all the removable parts are dishwasher safe.
- Juicer Review Zone
It's a good budget option for those that really want a masticating juicer over a centrifugal one or for those that really like juicing leafy greens.
- Tech Gear Lab
When it comes to choosing an appliance, the Aicok juicer is one of, if not the best affordable masticating juicers on the market.
- The Juicer Fanatics
This remarkable juicer has seven segment spiral that opens up each cell for optimum juice yield with most nutrition and minimal oxidation.
- Shortcut Gateways
It also keeps it low during the process and therefore, quiet enough to take your favorite vegetables and fruits for juicing early in the morning or in the middle of the night!
- Corbett's Restaurant

What experts didn't like

Only has one speed. Noisier than you may expect. Some of its plastic components feel delicate. May need to chop harder fruits and veggies before use.
- BestReviews
Difficult to take apart.
- Wiki EZ Vid
Juicing for more than 20 minutes at a time may affect the motor.
- Kitchen Gear Zone
No replacement parts. Requires dexterity to disassemble.
- Juicer Kings
There is no solid evidence of this machine or its parts being BPA-free, which may pose a problem for some people.
- All The Stuff
Its recommended that we shouldn't use the juicer for more than 20 minutes.
- Juicer Base
The strainer is the only part that’s a little bit of time to clean properly.
- Juicer Review Zone
There are juicers that perform much better out there, as well as better options if you are shopping on a budget.
- Tech Gear Lab
Dark Juices can Stain Inner Parts
- The Juicer Fanatics
Cannot be used with frozen fruits
- Corbett's Restaurant

An Overview On Juicers

Juicing is more popular than ever, as consumers grow increasingly interested in living a healthy lifestyle. An important first step in juicing is finding an appliance — a juicer — that will provide the healthiest juice yield while still being easy to use.

When you’re looking for a juicer, you’ll quickly discover there are three major types: centrifugal, masticating and triturating. Masticating and triturating juicers are very similar in that they can do both juice extraction and food processing. These juicers are ideal for chopping up leafy green vegetables. Centrifugal juicers lack the food processing element, which means you’ll likely need to steer clear of juice recipes incorporating leafy greens.

The key to these juicers is the process they use to grind food. A centrifugal juicer uses sharp blades to shred the material, then spins extremely fast to separate the juice from the pulp. A masticating juicer, on the other hand, uses an auger to crush the food. The separation happens through the use of mesh, with the pulp being pushed into a different part of the unit.

In addition to the types of ingredients, the juicing style also impacts the juice itself. A masticating juicer produces a very high-quality beverage with drier pulp and less foam. Centrifugal juicers provide a foamier juice with pulp that becomes wetter over time. You’ll want to drink the juice from a masticating juicer within a few hours, while juice from a centrifugal model can be refrigerated to enjoy later.

Even within centrifugal and masticating juicers, you’ll find wide variations in performance and operation. The model you choose will rely heavily on what you hope to get out of a juicer. If speed is most important, there are juicers that are best known for that, while others excel at being easy to use and clean. Once you’ve taken all of the features into consideration, you’ll be able to pinpoint the juicer that works best for your needs.

The Juicer Buying Guide

  • Consider a masticating juicer during your search. You’ll get very consistent juice amounts and plenty of live nutrients with this style of juicer. When shopping for a masticating juicer, look for one that promises a low speed of only 80 RPMs. This minimizes heat buildup while also reducing oxidation.
  • Keep in mind that some juicers are better than others if you want to incorporate leafy greens into your juicing. They are also great as a backup food processor, pasta maker and coffee grinder. Some even have a nutrition center feature to turn nuts into nut butter or make baby food from fresh ingredients.
  • When it comes to juice yield, centrifugal models tend to impress. When compared to other juicers, they produce 30% more juice yield, although you may have to run it for more than one cycle to get all the juice out.
  • If you prefer your juice as froth-free as possible, consider centrifugal juicers. Because of the lack of froth, you can drink it straight out of the machine.
  • Some juicers are durable enough that you don’t have to slice ingredients into small pieces. They often have larger feed tubes, which means that you can insert larger ingredients, saving you prep work.
  • If you’re looking for a quick glass of juice before heading off to work in the morning, consider how quickly each juicer functions.
  • In addition to the taste of the juice, capacity is a top consideration. Consider how much juice your juicer can hold at one time.
  • Once your juice is ready to drink, it’s time to clean up the mess. Some juicers are easy to clean, thanks to dishwasher-safe parts, aside from the cover. With some juicers, you’ll find you need a scrubbing brush for the strainer basket, as well as a cup to collect the excess liquid that comes out.