Abba Patio Car Canopy Shelter

Last updated: August 2, 2021

Abba Patio Car Canopy Shelter

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We looked at the top Storage Tents and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Storage Tent you should buy.

Overall Take

If you're car needs protection from the elements, this storage tent is the way to go. The tent is versatile and can be used with all of the sides up, all of the sides down or a mixture of the two. Users will also appreciate the heavy-duty steel frame and added foot pads that provide stability.

In our analysis of 112 expert reviews, the Abba Patio Car Canopy Shelter placed 4th when we looked at the top 11 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Heavy Duty Carport Outdoor Carport Car Canopy Removable Carport – Canopy Dimensions: 12 x 20 ft – Canopy Material: White Polyethylene – Peak Height: 9.1 ft – Sidewall Height: 6.7 ft – Enclosure walls: Yes, 3 removable panels including zippered door – Pole Material: Steel, Rust-free Power Coated – Steel tube: Dia. 1-1 – Connector: Metal – Usage: Car, truck, Party Tents, Boats, /2 inch Storage, Motorcycle, etc. heavy sturdy canopy carport heavy duty carport Canopy Weight Bags Canopy Leg Steel Weight Plate 10 x 10 ft Outdoor Heavy Duty Canopy Heavy Duty White Carport 10 x 20-Feet Outdoor Carport Canopy – White Size 1.42′ H 1.68′ L x 0.75′ W 10′ L x 10′ W 10′ L x 20′ W 10′ L x 20′ W Color Black Black White Beige White Gross Weight 2.5 lbs. Fill the bag with sand or soil(weight can reach to 30 lbs each) 18lbs 83 lbs 123.46 lbs 108.03 lbs Sidewalls Enclosure ✓ Water-resistant ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Powder-coated finish ✓ ✓ ✓

Expert Reviews

What experts liked

Features heavy-duty bungee cords which ensure a tight securing of the trap cover to the frame.
The installation is pretty much easy. And is portable, so you can carry it anywhere.
As for the canopy itself, the material is comprised of UV-treated white polyurethane, which allows it to withstand years of sunlight bearing down without cracking or fading. The carport’s frame is equally durable, using powder-coated steel that holds up against the elements over time, and withstands rust.
The Abba Patio portable carport has been made from a heavy-duty polyethylene cover that’s resistant to water and UV rays providing sufficient protection to your car.
Whether it’s about the high-quality durable material or the door which is detachable and secures with zipper, this shelter is the best out of many. The presence of foot pads in the legs of the canopy adds to the overall quality of this product.
- The Z9
A clever design feature of this carport is the detachable sidewalls that are easy to attach and remove. They provide protection within the tough winter conditions and extra airflow in the summer.
Features two detachable zipper doors, that can be easily removed for open air exhibits.
The tough cover is polyethylene that is UV resistant, water repellent, and wind proof too. Parking your car inside it is a wise choice.
There are footpads being installed to the canopy legs for conveying extra stability and hassle-free access to secure anchor points. It is quite simple to set up and this carport can be fully collapsed for convenient transport and storage.
It has 8 legs and when it gets completely set up, it looks like a small house. The detachable zip acts as the door. The heavy-duty bungees cord assures the stability of canopy and gives a tight grip to the tarp.
The frame is made from powder-coated steel that is resistant to the elements/rust, and ensures a firm foundation to hold the structure up in inclement weather. The canopy material is crafted from white polyurethane that has been UV-treated on all sides, helping it tolerate years upon years of use in the sun without cracking or breaking down.
Abba Patio Portable Garage Car Canopy comes with a detachable sidewalls that offer extra shade to your car parking or celebrations. High quality polyethylene are used to make the sidewalls and the top cover for a greater protection from the rain and snow. The sidewalls can be easily remove if you wish for more air flow.
The shed provides a nice coverage and shelter thanks to high-quality material which stops wind, rain, sun, animal and bird droppings, dust, and dirt among other compounds. The structure once set remains stable throughout and is unlikely to be toppled by strong wind. The white shade comes with detachable walls for easy removal and carrying.
It's easy to set up and fully collapsible.
You need just a few minutes to set it up and are assured of stability because of the solid construction. It’s made using a tough polyethylene material that resists water, UV, wind, and other things. And thanks to the 1.5-inch (diameter) steel frames, the canopy stays firm throughput and won’t tip over due to the wind.
There is going to be no issue of peeling and corrosion. The stability is extremely high, and there are footpads available that you can install for more stability.
This is an interestingly designed canopy that has features to ensure perfect workability while it comes to keeping your automobile in the best condition. Along with protecting your car from dust, heat water, and UV rays, the canopy also comes with heavy-duty bungee cords for perfect tightening of the tarp cover to the frame.
The detachable zipper doors at the front, and the back can be quickly removed. We especially liked how easily collapsible this carport is.
Two detachable zipper doors can be easily removed for open air exhibits. Heavy-duty bungees cord tightly secure the tarp cover to the frame.
White coated powder steel frame which prevents chipping, peeling and rusting of the frame, the double zipper doors which can be easily removed for open-air exhibits.
The garage is also easy to set up without taking much time. And when you need to transport or store it, the structure is fully collapsible hence making your work easier.
What separates it from the rest is, while budget-friendly and sturdy, it also has removable side panels allowing it to be utilized for a variety of purposes in addition to car shelter and storage (e.g parties in the backyard).
One feature that people quite liked was the foot pads that was attached to the legs of the canopy: this made it easier for users to secure the anchor points while providing even more stability.
It is very lightweight, durable, and, according to customer reviews, it’s also easy to set up and break down.

What experts didn't like

No bolts are used to put it together, which makes it less stable than other options.
A bit expensive.
It’s not resistant to very strong winds.
Zippers need to be waxed for smoother running.
The included set of anchors is not as durable as it should be
The instruction manual is completely useless.
Not completely waterproof because the seams near the edges of the roof get wet.
The anchors that come with the product are weak. You will need to get an extra set of anchor stakes.

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If you’re searching for a cost-effective way to keep your gardening tools safe or you need protection for your vehicle, you’ll want to consider purchasing a storage tent.

“A storage tent can provide shelter for your belongings in places where you either can’t erect a permanent building or you want the flexibility to relocate it as needed,” says home expert Vicki Liston.

When you’re ready to begin your search for the best storage tent, read the following guide so you know exactly what to look for.

Determine the size of the storage tent that would work best for you.

“The smaller tents usually don’t require any tools and can be quickly set up by only one person,” says Liston. “Bigger ones will need a few tools and an extra set of hands.”

Review the storage tent’s materials to ensure it is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions. For example, the Eurmax Popup Canopy Tent is waterproof and has UV protection. The Abba Patio Car Canopy Shelter has a heavy-duty steel frame and footpads for stability against the wind.

Liston advises that: “The sturdiest frames on the market are made of steel. Tin, aluminum and polyester are other options, with polyester sitting at the bottom of the strength list.  It’s the easiest to use and extremely flexible but it won’t be durable over time. If you go with the strong steel, ensure it is either galvanized or powder-coated to protect from rust and corrosion.”

Examine the design of the tent’s roof next. Keep the weather and usage of the tent in mind before you purchase one.

“Storage tents with a peaked roof design are the best at keeping rain or snow from collecting on the roof and causing mold or mildew to grow,” says Liston. “If you do go with a rounded top version, the cover should be tightly stretched on the frame and there should be no slack whatsoever for the rain to pool.”

Look at the walls of the storage tent. Do they roll up when the weather’s nice, or are they always down? Some models even have a few windows with outside coverings built into their sidewalls.

Consider any extras the storage tent may offer. Some models come in 18 different colors, so you can match the tent to the color of your house, or simply add a little brightness to your yard. Other models have bonuses like a mesh screen, a roller bag and additional sandbags.

Buying Advice

  • Check the quality and strength of the tent’s zippers. Users of some brands report that the zippers break easily.
  • One neat trick is to wax the zippers, as this allows them to open and close much more smoothly.
  • Watch for holes forming in the seams over time. You don’t want the tent to begin leaking.
  • Check that the tent can withstand strong winds if you plan on using it for a long period of time.
  • Recruit help assembling the tent, as many models require at least two people to properly set them up.
  • Examine the anchors that come with the set to make sure they aren’t weak. You may want to invest in a set of your own sturdy anchors. In fact, Liston points out: “There’s a good chance your storage tent will blow over (or fly away) on the first blustery day. It’s best to invest in an auger-style anchoring kit to protect your investment, which includes the storage tent and the items inside.”
  • If you plan on using the storage tent near a barbecue grill, you’ll want to make sure the materials are fire retardant. Not all of them are, so it’s important to check.
  • Keep the storage tent properly vented to prevent condensation that could lead to rot.
  • The price for storage tents is directly related to the size. The Eurmax Popup Canopy Tent is the cheapest, as it measures just 10’x10′. The Abba Patio Car Canopy Shelter that measures 12’x20′ has the highest price tag.