Products your grandma used that are just as good today

Ball Mason Jars and KitchenAid Mixer

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I feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia when I use cult classic products that my grandmother used back in her day. There’s a vivid memory of my granny slathering Vaseline all over my face before I went outside or after my evening bath. I’ve incorporated that practice into my daily routine because the age-old brand is still around, moisturizing skin for over 150 years.

Brands are continuing to grow and expand, reaching a larger audience since the days of our grandparents. Our folks introduced us to these products, and we get to create our own stories around them to eventually pass them down to our loved ones. Here are products used by our grandparents that are still great today.

Hoover Vacuum

Dula image of cult classic products - left image shows a close up of the hoover vacuum. Right image shows the hoover vacuum in use.

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$150 at Chewy

The Hoover vacuum cleaner was birthed by a janitor struggling with asthma who needed a strategic way to avoid dust in the early 1900s. Since then, the brand has created revolutionary ways to keep carpets, floors, and other surfaces clean. The vacuums are still among top sellers at major retailers, and its name recognition is undeniable.

Levi’s Jeans

dual image: both images show women from the waist down in Levi's jeans

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$70 at Levi's

Levi’s began in 1853 as a wholesale dry goods business selling clothing, blankets, and handkerchiefs before it became an innovative denim brand that changed the way the world saw pants. Levi’s has a worldwide cultural impact, making them a staple in wardrobes across generations.

Bounty Paper Towels

dual image: both images show rolls of bounty paper towel

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$7 at Walmart

Bounty’s legacy has reached many generations. My grandmother used to scold me for wasting her paper towels, and it has since become my go-to solution for beverage spills, cleaning dirty surfaces, and more. The brand offers a quilted, durable consistency that contributes to its multipurpose functionality.

Crayola Crayons

A woman and child color with crayola crayons

$17.99 at Amazon

Quality time with my grandmother often involved Crayola Crayons, a number 2 pencil, and my favorite coloring book. Back then, we had eight colors in total. If I wanted anything beyond ROYGBIV, I had to wait until I went to school to dabble with the pinks and turquoise blues. Today, Crayola covers a myriad of hues, and they’ve also developed new products to help kids expand on their artistic expression.


Dove sensitive skin beauty bar

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$12 at Walmart

When Dove launched in 1957, it changed how people addressed skincare. It has since evolved from a cleansing beauty bar to body washes, hand and body lotions, facial cleansers, deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, and hairstyling products. In addition to its growing product line, the brand leads many initiatives that focus on empowering women through the Real Beauty campaign and the Self-Esteem Fund.


KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer

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$450 at Target

Kitchenaid became a popular at-home tool for women who spent most of their time in the kitchen. The brand’s first product, The Model H-5, launched in 1919, simplifying the cooking and baking experience. As they continued to grow, they introduced products like dishwashers and refrigerators. Today, Kitchenaid can be found in homes worldwide, bonding families through the cooking experience.



$15.63 at Amazon

Vaseline boasts over 150 years of nourishing and moisturizing the skin. Since its development, the brand has expanded to prioritize various skin types. Their latest collection, Radiant X, was co-created with dermatologists and infused with all the ingredients needed to hydrate and restore the skin.

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Pyrex dishes

$27.99 at Amazon

Pyrex revolutionized storage glassware by introducing low-thermal-expansion borosilicate glass to the world in 1915. The crafty invention was the first of its kind to accommodate hot temperatures without breaking or destroying the container. Since its development, the brand has transitioned to tempered soda–lime glass because it is stronger than borosilicate and less likely to break if dropped. Today, Pyrex makes sure our dinner tables are set in durable glassware and leftovers are preserved in quality storage containers.

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Ball Mason Jars

Ball Mason Jars

$16.44 at Walmart

Ball Mason Jars have been storing food since 1884. The brand went through lots of trial and error before they were ready to release their invention to the public. In the early 1900s, they became the largest producer of fruit jars in the country. Today, Ball Mason Jars are used as a multipurpose tool for drinking, storing and preserving food, and so much more.

Mr. Clean Magic Erase Sponge

dual image: left shows a girl cleaning a soccer ball with a Mr. clean erase sponge. Right image shows the mr clean sponge cleaning a shower door

$5.44 at Amazon

I knew it was clean-up time whenever I saw the bald man with bright blue eyes and bushy white eyebrows make an appearance. Mr. Clean launched an all-purpose liquid cleaner in 1958, which eventually became America’s best-selling product within six months of its release. Now, the brand has evolved to make cleaning safer and easier with its magic-eraser sponge.

Converse Sneakers

Chuck Taylor All Star

$65 at Converse

Converse remains a staple in the fashion sector, 115 years since it was first created. Their most iconic shoes, the All-Star basketball sneakers, were introduced in 1917 when Chuck Taylor wore them, making them the first set of kicks endorsed by a basketball player. The All-Star sneakers, dubbed the Chuck Taylors, are worn by people from all walks of life. Their worldwide popularity prove they’ll be around for generations to come.

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