15 products for when you realize you’re getting old

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It’s just a fact of life: As long as you’re living, you’re aging. Most of us don’t feel “old” — we’re still active and engaged with the world. Learning new things. Traveling. Enjoying life! But that doesn’t mean we don’t need some help from time to time.

That’s OK. If you’re feeling like things are starting to slow down a bit and you need a little help, these 15 products for aging might be just what you need.

1. Koviuu Weekly Pill Organizer

pill organizer koviuu

$18 at Amazon

Eventually, you’ll discover a lot of pill bottles rattling around in your bathroom — vitamin supplements, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, daily prescriptions and everything else. This colorful pill organizer features two chambers, one for morning and one for evening, to keep all your meds in order. And each daily container separates from the kit, so you can easily throw a couple of days’ worth of pills in a bag and hit the road.

2. Fusion Black Pro Deep Tissue Massage Gun

massage gun

$80 (was $200) at Amazon

As you age, your aches and pains get more widespread — and stubborn. This massage gun comes with six different heads and 20 speeds to target exactly what ails you. Right now, there’s a 15% coupon so you can save even more off the sale price.

3. Frank Mully Women’s Ballet Flats

frank mully ballet flats

$40 at Amazon

Heels are great, but when you wear them to work every day — for years — the glamour eventually wears off. These knit-textured ballet flats come in nearly three dozen colors and prints to go with any outfit you’ve got planned. They’re lightweight, too, and easily fold up to stow and go.

4. Superga Unisex 2750 Cotu Classic Sneaker

superga sneakers

$70 at Amazon

Converse All-Stars will always corner the market on cool. But for the aging hipster’s foot, Superga sneakers are a cut above. The style is classic, they’re surprisingly comfortable and they go with everything. Plus, they come in multiple colors from a classic white to a fun royal blue!

5. Superfeet All-Purpose Support High-Arch Insoles

superfeet insoles

$54.95 at Amazon

Arch-support insoles can really make a difference in your day-to-day activities. Superfeet’s all-purpose insoles are made of high-density foam and can be trimmed to fit your shoes. The plastic cap that runs from the heel to the midsole keeps them stable, too. These are a hit with all comfort-seekers.

6. Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker

tile tracker

$70 (3-pack) at Amazon

If you’re one of those folks who routinely forget where they’re parked, this little gadget is a godsend. The Tile tracker connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can track down your car with a glance. It works even if your phone is out of Bluetooth range as well, showing the Tile’s last known location in an app. Attach a Tile to your keys for good measure — or put one in your suitcase, your wallet, or on any other item you might lose.

7. Peepers by PeeperSpecs Stardust Reading Glasses

peepers reading glasses

$29 at Amazon

When you need just a little assistance with reading and distance, it’s probably time to look into reading glasses. Peepers come in a variety of colors, styles, and magnification levels. They also feature anti-blue-light and UV-protective lenses. Maybe your eyesight isn’t what it used to be, but you still have a sense of style!

8. TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit

tens unit

$39 at Amazon

There’s no denying it — your back hurts a lot more than it used to. Might be time to give TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) a try. This handy device sends a light electrical current to your nerves to help interrupt the sensation of pain. The handset offers five different modes and four separate pads, plus a belt clip and carrying case for on-the-go pain relief.

9. Wallaroo Hat Company Victoria Sun Hat

$47 at Amazon

Even age-conscious youngsters may love the idea of wearing a cute sun hat to prevent sun damage. But now that you’re feeling your age, caring for your skin is absolutely necessary. These sun-protective hats come in more than 20 colors and boast a brim wide enough to totally shield your face. They’re packable, too, for sun-soaked adventuring.

10. CeraVe Anti-Aging Retinol Serum

Split image of CeraVe serum and woman applying serum to her face

$15 (was $25) at Amazon

It’s never too late to add a retinol to your skincare routine. This lightweight serum combines a bunch of the good stuff — a gentle retinol, moisturizing hyaluronic acid and CeraVe’s signature ceramides — into one nightly step. You might be feeling older, but your skin can tell a different story.

11. Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint

Split image of woman with glowing skin and ILIA foundation bottle.

$48 at Amazon

Another fun thing you may have noticed: Your foundation settles into creases and seems to emphasize wrinkles. That’s when a lightweight, moisture-rich serum foundation, like this one, becomes essential. Even better, it’s got SPF 40 and comes in more than two dozen shades.

12. Amazon Essentials Women’s Lightweight Crewneck Cardigan

Women wearing dark red and dark green cardigans

$25 at Amazon

Stay on top of your ever-shifting temperature needs with a light sweater. The Amazon Essentials cardigan is made of a comfy cotton blend that’s perfect for layering. Wrap it around your waist, drape it over your shoulders, leave it on the back of your office chair — whatever works.

13. Micro Touch Titanium MAX Lighted Personal Trimmer

man using micro touch trimmer

$13 (was $15) at Amazon

Time to stop pretending: Hair is disappearing in some places and sprouting in new ones. This is when a trimmer comes in handy — even the dreaded nose hair gets snipped into shape. The Micro Touch runs on an AA battery and comes with an LED light for dimly lit touchups.

14. Brightech LightView Flex Magnifying Desk Lamp

Split image with magnifying desk lamp and yarns; lamp alone

$26 (was $36) at Amazon

It’s great for reading, of course, but this magnifying desk lamp can help with much more. The included light is fantastic for detail work like sewing, jigsaw puzzles or diamond painting. Whether you need the help or not, it’s good for crafters to have one of these around — the sturdy clip means you can position it where it’s needed most.

15. Bodum Melior Gooseneck Electric Water Kettle

Split image of woman turning on teakettle and man pouring water from kettle

$40 (was $55) at Amazon

Coffee has its pleasures, but at a certain point, you realize it’s OK to slow down. Tea is a good friend. This stylish electric kettle has a comfy cork handle and shuts itself off when the water reaches a boil. Go for this nifty design because, at your age, you deserve it.

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