New report shows the price of goods purchased online has dropped

Mark Lennihan/AP

December marked the fourth consecutive month that items purchased online cost less, according to data released by Adobe Analytics. 

According to Adobe Analytics, prices for goods purchased online in December were 1.6% cheaper than in 2021. While groceries continue to see steep cost increases, purchasing electronics, toys and appliances was cheaper.

The data indicated that the cost of electronics dropped 12.05% from the prior year. Toys declined 7.1%, while appliances dropped 2%.

Groceries purchased online, however, jumped 13%, the data indicated.

Adobe Analytics does not adjust changes in prices for inflation.

For November, the Consumer Price Index, which measures the inflation of goods at stores, showed a 12% year-over-year increase in the cost of food meant to be prepared at home. The CPI showed a .6% increase in toys, while there was a 1.7% jump in the cost of appliances.

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