Prank gift boxes can lighten the mood at your holiday exchange

A woman and a man with a box labeled "cat hat" between them

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The holidays are serious business, both for retailers trying to make money and for families trying to make memories. But it’s also a good time for harmless pranks, especially since everyone is gathered together and ready to have fun. A good joke can lighten the atmosphere in families preoccupied with the hectic pace of the season.

Enter the Prank Pack gag present box. This is a fun and easy joke to play — and as a bonus, you can confuse some of those members of your family who may be trying to figure out what you got them ahead of time. Simply purchase a gifting box from Amazon that looks like it comes from a strange company offering a ridiculous product.

“The photography, typography and layout of these boxes are perfect. I mean, they look exactly like the cheesiest products you’d buy from TV infomercials,” the company Prank-O said about its Prank Pack products.

Several sets of Prank Packs are available on Amazon. One set is related to pets and animals. Make your gift recipient think they are getting a Hot Tub Wildlife Feeder for the squirrels, a Cat Hat wearable cat tree, the PetPetter so they never have to touch their pets again, PetVR virtual reality headsets, the Petspressions pet painting kit or the Hide-A-Poo 8-pack.


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If you don’t want to bring the animals into it, Prank Pack also has a line of novelty boxes that’s more home-oriented. Choose from options such as the Wake & Bake Dream Griddle Alarm Clock, which apparently cooks your breakfast as you wake up, or the Roto-Wipe that attaches to your toilet so you never have to use toilet paper again. You can also get a Toilet Meadow Organic Seat Cover or an (eww!) Earwax Candle Kit.


No matter what kind of novelty gift box tickles your funny bone, the company has something you’ll love. Another set you can choose from includes fake giftable items from Cargo Socks to the My First Fire set for kids and the ReNoodle Pasta Recycler. You’ll laugh out loud just shopping for these items!


All boxes are 11.25 by 9 by 3.25 inches and cost $8.99 each. They’re made out of recycled cardboard and come empty, but you can easily fill them with smaller gifts. One box fits a sweater, a large book or, according to the product description, four pounds of shrimp. You can also reuse them if you treat the box with care.

You will have to be careful, though, because your gift recipient might like the box better than what’s inside!

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