Does The Pink Stuff cleaning paste live up to the hype?

The Pink Stuff miracle cleaning paste

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Created in 1938 and sold by Redditch, England’s Star Brands, The Pink Stuff is anything but new. Still, it’s recently gained a ton of notoriety, which definitely caught our eye. I mean, who doesn’t want something that makes sprucing up the house simpler? Sign us up!

Plus, if you’ve been trying to invest in “cleaner” cleaning products, you’ll be delighted to see it’s made with 99% natural ingredients, listed right on the back of the tub.

Product Overview

dipping cloth in pink stuff cleaner

$5.29 at Amazon

You can use The Pink Stuff on pots, pans, glass, grills, windows, toilets, tubs, outdoor furniture, wheels, sinks, cooktops and more. Just scoop it out, smear it on and wipe clean with a damp rag. You may wish to wear gloves while using.

Don’t use it on plastic, shiny stainless steel or acrylic surfaces as it can dull or scratch. Despite its smooth texture, it’s somewhat abrasive, so be careful what you use it on and always start with a light touch.

The Pink Stuff, Tested

We tried The Pink Stuff out ourselves and were absolutely giddy at how quickly it brightened the rubber sole edges of our white sneakers and effortlessly removed coffee stains inside mugs. Icky ovens and kitchen sinks with crusty limescale spots have nothing on this pink goop. What’s not to love? It’s as close to a magic wand as you can get.

pink stuff in use

Our experience meshes with that of this happy Amazon reviewer: “I used this product for my stove because it’s one thing I dislike cleaning. I have used multiple degreaser sprays and they all are so toxic and don’t work for me,” the customer wrote. “The magic eraser was OK but I used several at a time and I had to scrub so hard. But this product oh my goodness, legit a miracle. It doesn’t have any type of smell. I put the paste on a cloth, clean the area then wipe it off with a damp cloth and voilà magic!”

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Using The Pink Stuff

We suggest trying it on just one item to start. Once you see it working, you’ll feel compelled to clean more. It’s hard to stop! We started with a pan, then moved on to a mug, then tennis shoes, then the kitchen sink. Fair warning, though, a little Google search might send you down a rabbit hole learning about the endless items it can clean.

Pro tip: For tougher stains, let The Pink Stuff sit for a few minutes before you wipe it down. If you wind up with any streaking, wipe it a second time with a damp cloth.

Happy cleaning!

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