5 great pie slicer tools you need for the holidays

High angle shot of a pumpkin pie that has been cut into. Shot on a rustic wood table with a Autumn themed napkin and server by its side.

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‘Tis the season to eat pie! And with all that pie comes the need to slice and serve copious amounts of the delicious dessert.

Sure, a good knife is a great universal tool that can do the job adequately. But these alternative items are ideally shaped to not just cut the perfect slice of pie, but serve it so you don’t get crumbly, broken pieces that just don’t look amazing (even if they still taste wonderful!).

These five pie slicer options make it easy to both cut and serve, especially if you’re having guests and you want the presentation of each individual slice to look perfect. All can be purchased on Amazon and have high ratings.

Vofo Dual Flatware Pie Server ($8.97)


The VOFO stainless steel pie slicer and server costs $8.97 on Amazon right now and has 4.8 out of 5 stars after almost 1,700 ratings. Reviewers noted that it’s good for those that are left-handed because there are serrated sides to cut your pie on both edges of the serving blade.

I own an almost identical pie server from Orblue that currently costs $12.97 and has even more ratings than the Vofo version. It has worked well for me for a couple of years to scoop out slices of pie and cake. Yet I hadn’t thought to use the serrated sides to cut pie until I started researching this article. I tried it out the other night on a banana cream pie with a crisp crust, and it sliced pieces well.

You can also find a look-alike unlabeled version on Amazon for $7.09. Like other items purchased on Amazon, you might not know if an item is a duplicate or a knockoff until you get it or start using it. That’s where Amazon’s 30-day return policy is extremely helpful.

Farberware Professional Pie Server ($9.99)


Well-established kitchen brand Farberware has an 11-inch stainless steel pie slicer and server ($9.99) with a serrated edge on the left side of its serving blade. It also has three vents in the middle. The overall look is sleek and table-ready.

This Farberware version is also dishwasher safe. And it has 4.8 out of 5 stars from 770 reviews.

“Good ‘footprint’  not too big or small — with a very effective cutting/slicing edge,” wrote Amazon reviewer Jeanne Block. “We’re very pleased with this purchase.”

OXO Good Grips Black Nylon Flexible Pie Server ($9.95)


OXO Good Grips’ nylon pie slicer and server ($9.95) has serrated edges on both sides so you can use it to cut dessert with either side.

Because it’s nylon, this pie slicer won’t damage non-stick bakeware. The metal handle is designed to flex well when dishing up heavier pieces of food. And this OXO pie slicer gets 4.7 out of 5 stars in more than 1,700 ratings.

“It doesn’t look as sexy as a vintage silver-plate pie server, but this little workhorse is far more practical for kitchen use,” wrote Amazon customer peggydf. “Though sturdy, its slight flexibility makes it easy to remove slices from the pie tin.”

OXO also has a similar stainless steel pie server.

Update International 8-Slice Pie Cutter Press ($19.24)


This Update International 8-Slice Pie Cutter Press ($19.24) cuts your entire pie into eight even slices.

In its review of different pie cutter types, The Kitchn said that this style of cutter works when it’s the right fit for your size of pie pan and the shape of its edges. Otherwise, it won’t fully cut through to the bottom of the pie. So keep that in mind when purchasing.

That said, Update International’s pie cutter press has 4.4 out of 5 stars among at least 1,100 reviews. Reviewers say to be careful of the sharp bottoms of the blade sections but like that it cuts 8- to 10-inch pies well. Several reviewers said they use it for sizing scone dough. Others noted it works well in restaurants where cutting pies quickly and evenly is important.

Winware sells a similar product, but with a 12-slice design.

MS WGO Pro Dough Pastry Cutter ($7.99)


While more commonly used for working with uncooked dough, the MS WGO pastry dough scraper and cutter ($7.99) could also double as a pie slicer for a softer pie or for cutting up slices of pizza. Its flat edge would be great for scooping up those pie slices and putting them on a plate.

It has 4.8 out 5 stars from a whopping 29,392 reviews.

Which of these pie slicer designs appeals to you the most?

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