These photos show the hilarious results of buying a prom dress online

Happy Prom Season, y’all. In their annual effort to outdress everyone else without spending a lot, ladies are turning to the internet. The photos in the online stores are always amazing, but the real prom dresses don’t always match. Sometimes the results are cute, and sometimes they’re disastrous. One thing’s for sure: we all benefit from seeing these hilarious pictures.

Check out some of the flops that prove it’s hard to avoid an online prom dress fail:

The cups weren’t quite so obvious in the internet version. We bet a real photo would have been a deal-breaker for this buyer. Hopefully Hannah was able to find another beaded option before the big dance.

At least the bottom half of this dress Leah bought is OK…

Ella is now convinced online prom dress shopping is not a good idea. She tweeted that, luckily, she had also purchased a backup dress.

And Twitter user Alyssa also had some sleeve issues.

Still one of our favorites of all time, here’s hoping that this gal has now recovered from her Prom Dress Debacle of 2016.

But, it’s not all bad:

Twitter user Kassi, who says she’ll be a senior next year, posted that she was happy with hers even though she knows people say not to take the risk. No word on how much this one cost.

And Twitter user Miranda said she eventually came around and did wear her new dress, after the shock wore off that it was so different from the dress she thought she purchased.

Maybe stick to Amazon so you can check the product reviews first.

Whether you’re shopping for prom, work clothes or a clubbing outfit, it’s important to know who you’re buying from before clicking “purchase.” Buzzfeed recently tested out the garment quality from many popular cheap clothing sites, finding that some sites even steal high-fashion brands’ photos to sell a dress that definitely isn’t the same quality. It may be easier to just hit the store in person and know you won’t need a take two.

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