Passengers under 22 can sail for free with this cruise company

Nat Geo Explorer ship in icy sea with kayakers
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Lindblad Expeditions is giving families an excellent opportunity to explore the world’s most remote and stunning destinations at a discount.

The company has recently announced an offer that lets those under 22 years old travel for free if they’re accompanied by full-fare paying adults on selected Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic cruises this summer.

“We believe that discovery is a lifelong pursuit, and Lindblad Expeditions is making it easy for children and young adults to join their parents in experiencing some of the world’s truly remote places,” Noah Brodsky, Chief Commercial Officer at Lindblad Expeditions, shared with Travel + Leisure.

The offer includes sailing options such as the company’s Legendary Northern Isles: Scotland, Faroes & Iceland, Gateway to the Northwest Passage: Greenland & Canada and Norway’s Fjords and Arctic Svalbard trip, as shown in this Facebook post from 2017.

“This offer, paired with the recognized National Geographic Global Explorers youth program, will make it better than ever for families to explore these wondrous and remarkable destinations like Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, and the Canadian Arctic, which are at the forefront of our changing climate, and it is impossible to visit them and not be changed,” Brodsky added. “They are powerful and beautiful, teaching us so much about our place in this wild world.”

Because these destinations are some of the most severely affected by climate change, exposing the younger generation to them could inspire them to take action in helping to preserve these areas, Brodsky said.

During each expedition, guests can explore the destinations with a team of experts including divers, photographers, scientists and historians while enjoying upscale accommodations, the company told Travel + Leisure.

The company says their modern ships offer high-end suites, libraries, regionally-inspired meals, an open bridge policy and science labs where travelers can see research happening in person.

The offer will be available on bookings completed by June 30, 2023. Planning to cruise? Book online using the code CHLD FR to get the deal.

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