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If you’re the kind of person who hates, hates, hates shopping at the mall, you’re probably used to this familiar sight: dozens of tabs open in your browser while you shop for the best deal on jeans.

That virtual clutter is obnoxious. Plus, it’s not a very good way to track how much you’re spending on online purchases and whether you’re staying under budget.

Enter Parcel, a totally genius browser extension that’s like Pinterest for online shopping. Once you sign up for an account, Parcel will ask you a few questions about money. You can let Parcel calculate a monthly shopping budget for you, or you can enter your own.

You can shop for clothes, beauty products, home goods and other items.

“Our mission at Parcel is to help you get your sh*t together – in whatever way feels authentic to you,” according to the company’s website. Yep, I could definitely use some help with that!


Next you’ll install the browser extension and start shopping. When you see a blouse you like, click the Parcel button and it will add it to your list. All of the items you’re eyeing are in one, easy-to-view place.

Not only that, but Parcel also keeps track of the prices of each item you add and tells you how you’re doing, budget-wise.

“As you save things from retailer sites, everything is initially counted towards your budget and marked as Definitely (as in you’re definitely going to buy it),” according to the Parcel website. “As you compare items, you can go back through them and mark the ones you’re still considering as Maybe’s. The Maybe’s will not be counted towards your budget tally.”

There’s also a mobile app if you prefer to online shop on your phone.

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