Our Favorite Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners have been around since the early ’90s, but they didn’t explode in popularity until 2017. Despite their simple design, they’ve got a wide array of uses. People with ADHD, anxiety or general restlessness say that fidget spinners help them burn off excess energy for better focus at work and at home. In general, they are inexpensive enough for you to purchase more than one and keep them in different places, so you can ease restlessness at home, at work or when you’re out on the town. They also come in a variety of fun colors and designs, so you can show off your style as you spin.

The best fidget spinners are ergonomic, durable, whisper quiet and easy to rotate with one hand. Check out our top picks below.

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Why we like it:  The premium ball bearing on this spinner twirls at high speeds without catching or dragging. It’s available in multiple design and color combos, and it’s a great value for the price.

Why we like it: This fidget spinner creates a rainbow of hues as it twirls, adding a fun visual kick to your daily relaxation. It can spin for up to five minutes straight, and you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Why we like it:  If you’re serious about finding the best fidget spinner around, this upgrade is right up your alley. The metal alloy body and futuristic design add a tough edge to this toy, and the high-speed ceramic ball bearing is built to last.

Tips & Advice

  • Before you buy a fidget spinner, think about who will use it the most. If you’re an adult who needs to burn off excess energy during meetings, your best option is a low-profile spinner in a dark color, like the Maxboost Tri-Spinner. If you’re gifting a spinner to a child, you’ll want to check out spinners with fun visuals, like the MAGTIMES Rainbow Spinner. Make sure to check the age limits on spinners for children, too.
  • Fidget spinners come in a few different sizes. Your spinner should fit comfortably in your hand so your fingers can easily reach the spinner’s arms.
  • Make sure that your fidget spinner is balanced. The weighted arms should help balance the center ball bearing, which will help your toy spin for longer periods of time.
  • Fidget spinners don’t require much upkeep, but their ball bearings can corrode if dunked in water or exposed to hot temperatures for long periods of time. Avoid using your spinner when you’re poolside, and don’t leave it in your car on very warm days.
  • Most fidget spinners have age suggestions. Take a look at any warnings or age limits before giving a fidget spinner to a small child.
  • You may also want to keep your spinner away from pets. A fidget spinner may look like a tempting treat for pups who love chewing on plastic toys.
  • Fidget spinners can easily fit in your back pocket, but you might run into trouble if you accidentally sit down. Try keeping them in your front pockets, purse or backpack.