Oscar Mayer is looking for new Wienermobile drivers

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Calling recent college graduates, adventure-seekers and hot dog mega-fans: Oscar Mayer is looking for new official “Oscar Mayer Hotdoggers” to drive Wienermobiles around the country for a year.

In a job listing on the Wienermobile website, the company is calling for qualified would-be Hotdoggers to submit their applications for a chance to spend a full year on the road representing Oscar Mayer.

If you’ve ever seen a Wienermobile, you know how exciting it is to catch a glimpse of these elusive gems. So can you imagine how extra-exciting it would be to navigate one of these bad boys?

Getty Images | Tim Boyle

What It Takes To Be A Hotdogger

Hotdoggers are required to be “on the road” for a full year, so those with a healthy dose of wanderlust should apply. The perks include a “competitive salary plus expenses, benefits and clothing; the opportunity to work in a traveling public relations firm; experience in a self-managed position with many responsibilities,” plus, of course “a company car guaranteed to turn heads.”

According to the Hotdogger job application, the folks at Oscar Mayer are looking for a few things:

1. An appetite for adventure, boundless enthusiasm and a friendly personality.

Being a Hotdogger means representing Oscar Mayer in the Wienermobile for a full year of radio and TV appearances, newspaper interviews, grocery store and military visits, and charity events. As mentioned, you and your incredible hot dog vehicle will travel coast to coast for a full year, so—in addition to a love of hot dogs—a love of travel is required.

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2. A background or interest in public relations, communications, journalism, marketing or advertising.

This job is a brand ambassador position, and the company is looking for people who not only will be game to drive around in a Wienermobile for a year but those who will understand how to represent the brand. Oscar Mayer is looking for applicants who have a BA or BS preferably in public relations, communications, journalism, marketing or advertising, though the position is not limited to those degrees.

How To Apply

If you’re ready to take your hot dog love on the road and are a college grad, send your resume to:

Oscar Mayer
Attn: Hotdogger Position
560 E Verona Ave
Verona, WI 53593

Or e-mail to wmrequest@kraftheinzcompany.com.

You have until January 31 of next year to apply, and the position hits the road next June.

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Read more details online.

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New Wiener Vehicles On The Move

Oscar Mayer recently announced that two new types of Wiener vehicles would be hitting the road this summer, joining the WienerMini, WienerRover and Wienermobile to round out the “Wiener Fleet.”

The company announced that a WienerDrone and a WienerCycle would be joining its fleet. The WienerCycle brings some three-wheeled moped power to the fleet, and it comes equipped with a little wiener sidecar. The WienerDrone, on the other hand, will be hopping onto the futuristic-delivery bandwagon, letting Oscar Mayer take to the sky.

The fleet planned to debut over the July 4 holiday in—where else?—Weiner, Arkansas.

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