How one family saved $700 by cutting cable TV

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Do you ever look at your cable bill and wonder why the heck it’s so expensive? You consider calling up the cable company right then and there and cancelling. Then you remember watching TV is one of your favorite pastimes. These days, it’s possible to cut out cable and still get to watch your favorite shows, potentially saving a ton of cash in the process.

One family did just that. Writing for Money Saving Mom, Abby Lawson, author of Just A Girl And Her Blog, outlined exactly how they did it and tells you how you can too:

Get your internet service squared away

Like a lot of people, Lawson’s internet service was “bundled” with her cable. So she had to find a way to keep the former while nixing the latter. After doing some research, she scored an internet-only deal for $30 a month. Originally, she paid $103 a month for both internet and cable through Verizon. You may have to check out multiple providers before you find one that makes axing cable worthwhile. Many companies offer a discount for getting both services through them, so it doesn’t always pay off in the end.

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Get a streaming service…or a few.

The proliferation of streaming services almost makes cable obsolete. For example, consider these choices:

  • Amazon Prime ($99 a year or $9 per month)
  • Netflix ($8-12  per month)
  • Hulu Plus ($8-12 a month)

Netflix is popular for its wide selection of movie titles as well as hit original series like “Stranger Things” and “House of Cards.” Hulu is known for its selection of current seasons of popular TV shows, including network shows, usually available soon after their original air date. With Amazon, if you go with the $99 Prime membership, in addition to streaming TV shows and movies, you can take advantage of the online retailer’s free two-day shipping on thousands of Prime items.

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Figure out how to watch sports

If you have a sports fan in your home, the prospect of cutting cable might not be agreeable to them. To get around this problem, Lawler got a Mohu Leaf, which is an antenna that allows you to pick up local channels to tune into the game. Another option is Sling TV, which allows you to watch live sports through NFL RedZone, ESPN, Fox Sports and more.

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