This nonstick omelet maker makes two individual portions in just minutes


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Egg-based dishes like omelets and frittatas are a delicious source of protein. They are great for breakfast or other meals, as you can add virtually any ingredient to them, creating a hearty and satisfying dish. with meat, cheese and veggies. And with a handy omelet maker, you can whip them up in minutes without making a mess. Just wipe it clean!

Holstein Housewares makes a non-stick frittata and omelet maker that cooks two individual portions quickly and easily. It is designed to be small but mighty, with a compact design that saves space in your kitchen without becoming an eyesore. It also has anti-slip feet that enhance safety and stability.




The indicator light will let you know when the appliance is preheated, taking out the guesswork. You don’t even have to flip your omelets. Instead, simply add beaten eggs and other ingredients to the unit’s non-stick recesses and close the lid.

If having another device that only makes one thing seems too frivolous, it might help you to learn that not only is this an omelet maker, but it can also cook a variety of other foods. For instance, you can prepare pizza pockets, calzones, turnovers and more. And with the ability to make two servings at once, you save even more time and effort.


The Holstein Omelet Maker comes with an instruction manual that provides basic recipes for making a variety of sweet and savory omelets.

This frittata and omelet maker has more than 12,700 ratings and 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Customers say it is quick and easy to use, with excellent results every time.

“In our opinion, this is awesome,” wrote reviewer Jeni Morrow, who shared a photo of some omelets. “Perfect omelettes every single time I have made them, including the first time. Easy to use, super easy to clean. I haven’t had any problems at all. Definitely glad I ordered this.”

Amazon | Jeni Morrow

Many customers were happy to learn they could use the device to make more than eggs.

“So easy to use,” reviewer Nicole wrote. “I used it for breakfast lunch and desserts! Made omelettes, calzones and apple empanadas.”

Some reviewers remarked that the appliance can get pretty hot. They recommend wearing an oven mitt or using a potholder when working with the omelet maker, just to stay safe.

The Holstein Housewares Frittata and Omelet Maker currently comes in seven colors, including yellow, white and metallic red. Right now, certain colors are on sale. The black version is 25% off at $22.60, while you can get the teal for $19.76 or the mint for $22.42. The regular red version is also discounted to $22.87.

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