Olive & June’s Valentine’s Day manicure kits are so cute

Olive & June valentine's day nail polish
Olive & June

Olive & June’s Valentine’s Day manicure collection has been released, and they couldn’t be sweeter!

The nail brand has three collections to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether you like to do a DIY manicure for self-care or you’re more of a press on nails person thanks to the simplicity, there’s a little something for you in the new pink-themed collection.

If you’re new to Olive & June, this might be your moment to check out the manicure company — which has blown up on social media for its affordable, high-quality nail polishes and salon-perfect, at home press-on kits.

While the Valentine’s Day collection are only available on the Olive & June site, you can buy some of the individual polishes or kits at other retailers, such as the Heart Shower Extra Short Squoval at Target.

Whether you’ve got a romantic date, or you’re celebrating this year’s holiday with your friends, these manicure options from Olive & June will get your nails ready for far less than you’d pay at a salon visit.

Valentine’s Day Polish + Press-on Set

Olive & June

$68 at Olive & June

If you opt for the combination polish and press on kit, you’ll get the whole she-bang: four polishes (two long-lasting and two quick-dry) and five new press-on nail sets (two glue and three press-ons).

Do you want your look to be cute and pastel, or a longer, bolder crushed velvet hue? Would you like some straight-forward polish (and if so, regular or quick-dry)? Would you rather a full set of press-ons for salon-perfect vibe? Hearts or sparkles or a daring tip of red?

You may be thinking that it all depends on how you’re feeling on that day. Or, you might want to try out your various choices in the days leading up to V-Day, so you know just which one is best. In that case, you ought to order this complete kit.

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Valentine’s Day Polish Set

Olive & June

$30 at Olive & June

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Not a press-on person? You can stick to Olive & June’s Valentine polishes.

The first two options are gel-like polishes that last for about 10 days. Be Mine is a hot pink, luminous color that sparkles in the light, while Ur a cutie is a deep, raspberry-like pink.

The second two varieties are quick-dry polishes that are ready in one minute and last about five days. Lovenote is a shimmery, pinkish-pearl color, while Bouquet is a bolder, shimmery, floral pink.

To apply Olive & June polish, paint 2-3 strokes per coat, and allow the polish to dry for 5-10 minutes between each coat.

Valentine’s Day Press-On Set

Olive & June

$44 at Olive & June

Finally, you can opt for just the collection of Valentine-inspired press-on kits.

In general, Olive & June’s press-on nails come in four shapes: Almond, Oval, Round and Squoval. These five Valentine’s Day sets feature one each of the first three shapes and two in the popular Squoval shape.

Here’s what you can choose from:

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day manicure, Olive & June has just what you need.

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