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If it seems like you can pretty much get anything you want via a subscription box delivered right to your door—you’re right. From health and beauty items to toys for your pets, and even more specific boxes like ones for Nickelodeon fans or lovers of all things Harry Potter, there’s not much you can’t subscribe to.

And now, Old Navy is joining the trend, this time with a box just for kids. The Old Navy Superbox offers clothing for children ages 5 to 12 delivered every three months. Each box includes six mix-and-match items for $69.99. The store says the actual items in each box retail for more than $100. There are no membership or styling fees.

Old Navy

To start, you simply click on “Pick Your Box” on Old Navy’s website, then enter details about your child, like their name, age, size and, of course, style. Styles include classic, trendy or sporty for girls, and preppy, cool and sporty for boys. There’s also a “Surprise Me” option for both boys and girls—perfect for kiddos who have a style all their own. You can also give nonrecurring subscription boxes as gifts, meaning you can send just one or up to three.

Old Navy

Once you receive the box, you have 21 days to try each piece, and then you can simply send back any items that don’t fit or that your kid doesn’t like. If you don’t return anything, however, you’ll get $10 off your next box. You can also change the clothing style for each box because, as we all know, kids’ preferences change all the time.

It all seems pretty simple, but is it worth it? That’s up to you, but if you spend at least $70 on clothes for your children every three months (that’s $280 a year), then it seems like a pretty good deal. It saves the time and the effort it takes to drag your kids on a shopping trip (which is priceless)—though you’ll still have to convince them to try it all on when the box arrives.

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