Old Navy Has Pajamas On Sale For As Low As $4

They're having a major sale right now!

We’re going to level with you: Come Christmas morning, during the present-opening frenzy, there’s a good chance you’ll end up on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram … you get the picture. Literally.

What we’re getting at? It’s time for some new pajamas so that you can look darling in those Christmas morning snaps courtesy of your personal paparazzi, AKA family. Ready to get this whole #IWokeUpLikeThis thing right?

Enter Old Navy.

Leading up to Christmas, the retailer is selling women’s PJ’s starting as low as $4. No word on how long the sale will be going on, but a promotional email from the store noted that a sale with $1, $2, $3, $4 gifts will be happening until Dec. 24, and that the whole store is up to 75 percent off. Men’s pajamas and boxers are also on sale, as well as boys‘ and girls‘ sleepwear.

Included in the massive store-wide sale are lots of pajama tops and bottoms. And, really, did you plan to wear anything else on Christmas morning?

Among the PJ’s that are super discounted are graphic thermal T-shirts, sleep shirts, thermal pants, flannel pajamas and more.

Here’s some adorable jammies you can find on sale at Old Navy. Pajama party anyone?

Plaid pajamas

If Christmas had an official pattern, it would be the red and green plaid on these $5 women’s pajamas.

Nutcracker T-shirt

We love good word play! This relaxed fit t-shirt adorned with a trio of nutcrackers says “Crushed It.” Cute!

Photo courtesy of Old Navy

Fitted Thermal T-Shirt

The fair isle is certainly festive enough for Christmas. But keep cozy all winter long in this $5 black-and-white thermal. You can also wear it as a base layer on your next ski or snowboard trip.

Photo courtesy of Old Navy

Holiday Squad T-Shirt

This $4 t-shirt emblazoned with “Holiday Squad” across the front is merry and bright!

Photo courtesy of Old Navy

Flannel Boxers

If you’re the type that gets hot at night, try some flannel boxers rather than pajama pants. These red buffalo plaid boxers are $5.

Photo courtesy of Old Navy

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