Your old Barbies could be worth thousands

The Biggest Barbie Collection Auctioned At Christies
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As a kid, there was nothing I loved more than whiling away an afternoon playing with my Barbies. I even somehow convinced my sister, who was seven years older than me, to play with me even though she was definitely more interested in hanging out with her friends at the mall.

I loved my Barbies so much that I refused to get rid of them, even when I grew up and moved away from home. In fact, much to his chagrin, most them still reside in my dad’s basement. Now I’m glad I hung onto the dolls, because it turns out some of them are worth a good chunk of change!

Check out these throwback Barbies that are now being sold for way above what you paid for them when you were a kid.

Of course, the rarer the Barbie, the higher the price. And like nearly all collectibles, those that are still in their original packaging are always worth more. You may want to poke around in your old Barbie bins just to be sure!

Vintage “Twist N Turn” Barbie, $1,795

This vintage 1966 “Pink Lilac” Twist N Turn Barbie sold for $1,795 on eBay last month, which is completely bonkers! Apparently there are some serious collectors out there.


My Size Barbie, $220

The only thing cooler than a regular size Barbie was the My Size Barbie, which was three feet tall. It was like having a little sister to play dress up with, only she couldn’t veto your costume choices! This one hasn’t sold yet, but is listed for $220 on eBay.


Danielle Scutt Platinum Barbie, $989.99

This Danielle Scutt platinum 50th Anniversary Barbie sold for $989.99 on eBay just last week!

“To celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday in 2009, Mattel teamed up with designer Danielle Scutt to design this beauty. There were only 50 made,” according to the listing.

Totally Hair Barbie, $70

This Barbie from 1991 is so ’90s that it even comes with Dep hair gel to style the doll’s extra-long locks. Totally tubular! It’s listed for $70 on eBay right now.


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Happy Holidays Barbie, $499.99

Holiday Barbies were always extra-special, and this one comes with an extra-hefty price tag of nearly $500! The listing says this special edition Barbie is unused and unopened.


Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie, $199.99

I had this Barbie myself, and I remember being absolutely in love with her glamorous outfit. Although the doll went for less than $10 when it debuted back in 1984, today it’s being listed on eBay for nearly $200.


Pink Jubilee 30th Anniversary Barbie, $3,000

The most expensive Barbie on the list, this rare Barbie released in honor of the toy’s 30th anniversary in 1989, is listed at a whopping $3,000. I can’t imagine anything more awesomely ’80s than her delightful silver dress, but four figures for a Barbie seems over the top.


Happy Family Set, $185

While Barbie was always the star of the show, her friends like Midge made Barbie’s doll life complete. This adorable set, listed for $185, includes Midge, toddler Nikki and a new baby.


Dream Glow Barbie and Ken, $299.99

This Barbie and Ken duo from 1985 features glow-in-the-dark costumes on each of the dolls. Hmm, I wonder if they still glow after all these years! They’re listed for sale for $299.99 on eBay right now.


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Beautiful Bride Barbie, $250

My sister once set up an entire photo shoot for her Barbie’s wedding, announcing that it was a preview of what her own nuptials would look like some day. Live out your own fantasy with this blushing Barbie bride listed for $250.




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