Cult-favorite Ninja air fryer models are marked down right now at Amazon

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If you have been wanting a new air fryer, but have been waiting around for a major sale, you’re in luck. Amazon has slashed its prices on Ninja Air Fryer models.

The 4-quart Ninja AF101 Air Fryer is now just under $100, down from $130 during the deal. Whether you just want to upgrade your setup or are doing some early Christmas shopping, the Ninja Air Fryer sale gives you a great chance. And it’s not just the 4-quart option that’s been knocked down; you can also go bigger or smaller.

The 2-quart Ninja Air Fryer is on sale for $60 (reduced from $80). With over 39,767 reviews and a score of 4.8 out of 5, it’s easy to see that this air fryer is a cult favorite. Reviewers say that this versatile gadget is “the best appliance since the microwave” and that “it is the bomb and there is really no substitute.”

The ability to simply drop the fryer basket into the dishwasher after use is also cited as a plus.


Ninja air fryers can be used for so much more than just air frying. You can use this gadget to roast corn on the cob, pop fresh popcorn, make hard-boiled eggs, homemade donuts, baked potatoes, bacon, fried rice and even a whole chicken (depending on the size you get).

If you have a large family, you might consider looking at the Ninja DualZone two-basket air fryer, which is marked down to $176 from $200. This one has two separate frying baskets so you can make an entree and sides without even needing to turn on your oven or switch on the microwave.


Not only does this DualZone fryer come with the ability to roast, bake, fry or reheat, but it also gives you the extra perk of being able to dehydrate. So you can dehydrate fresh fruit and make apple chips, banana chips, dried pineapple and other snacks. You can even make your own jerky by dehydrating the meat of your choice, like beef, chicken, turkey and even salmon.

The Ninja Air Fryer comes with a booklet of recipes, but there are also countless recipes online, both of which will turn you into an expert in no time. There are even entire online communities devoted to air-fryer recipes, so you will never run out of ideas for things to do with your Ninja Air Fryer.

If you use yours frequently, it is a good idea to invest in Ninja accessories to make cleanup even easier. These silicone baskets are nonstick and dishwasher safe, so you can use them when you are air frying things that are saucy or extra-messy. You can also use these baskets in your air fryer for baking, whether you are making a loaf of pumpkin bread or making apple fritters.


Disposable liners, like these air fryer parchment papers from Amazon also make clean-up super easy and will help keep your Ninja in like-new condition. With the holiday season coming up, now is the best time to start taking clever cooking shortcuts to cut stress.

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