Before You Put A Refrigerator In Your Garage, Read This

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Many families have an old refrigerator in their garage or carport for beer and frozen food. But those days may be numbered.

It turns out some new high-efficiency models may not work in locations where the climate can change dramatically from week to week.

New Refrigerator Fail

Jeff Schubert showed us his broken Kenmore refrigerator sitting in the garage, with a non-working freezer. It’s not an old fridge, however, it’s only four months old.

Schubert’s family lost a freezer full of food when the new fridge stopped working.

“The freezer side thawed out,” he said.

refrigerator photo

So they called Sears for a free warranty repair, and the store promptly sent out a repairman. But after looking it over, he told them he was sorry but that it could not be repaired under warranty.

“They said, ‘There is a part available that we will order for you,'” Schubert said. “‘It’s around $50, but we won’t pay for it, and you’ll have to have someone install it.'”

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He couldn’t believe it would cost almost $200 to fix a fridge still covered by its one-year warranty.