Big Changes Are Coming To Target’s Cartwheel App

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If you’re a loyal Target customer, you’re also probably a loyal user of the Target Cartwheel app. In addition to making shopping that much easier (who doesn’t love ordering dish detergent straight from their phone? Nobody, that’s who), it also offered users a number of perks. But now, those days are over–the perks are dead. And soon, Cartwheel itself will be too.

Once upon a time, users of the Cartwheel app had access to perks that awarded 10 points for every dollar spent at a Target store. Once a customer had collected 5,000 points, they could get one of 25 rewards (each ranging in value between $10 and $20) from Target, including everything from sunglasses to soap to sports bras. But now, those dreams are dead.

According to a report from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Target plans to incorporate Cartwheel into the main Target app, so if you don’t already have that one, download it now. Then eventually, Cartwheel will be phased out and cancelled entirely. But don’t panic just yet–according to The Krazy Koupon Lady, who always has the scoop on Target, you’ll still be able to find Cartwheel deals on the Target app, at least for now.

Target is also heading toward a world with fewer sales and promotions. Instead, they plan to focus on keeping their prices low everyday. Well, that’s a bummer for those of us who like a good sale!

And to add insult to injury, Target did not even issue an appropriately apologetic statement about killing off our favorite shopping app and all of its deals.

“We thanks our guests who participated in this pilot program,” Target said in a statement. “We had many learnings about how to engage and reward guests that we plan to leverage in the future. We look forward to sharing more about exciting changes coming soon to the Cartwheel and Target apps.”

But Target isn’t alone in reconfiguring its reward program; more companies than ever are doing the same thing. Starbucks, American Airlines and Costco all did the same thing to varying degrees of public dismay. It seems like nobody is interested in keeping customers happy anymore…just getting them in the door. Farewell, Cartwheel, we’ll miss you.

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