This Is Why In-N-Out Pays Its Employees So Well

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There are plenty of reasons to love In-N-Out, apparently.

Not only is the fast food establishment praised for its delicious, Instagram-worthy foods, but it’s also in the spotlight for how much it pays its workers.

And considering the minimum pay clocks in around $11 an hour for In-N-Out employees, it’s no wonder why the place is garnering attention.

In-N-Out was reportedly the highest-paying burger joint in the biz in 2013, and it’s continued to hold the title.

According to a new report from the California Sun, In-N-Out apparently pays its managers $160,000 per year.

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Business Insider reported Panda Express counter workers coming in at second place with a price of $9.01 an hour.

And the lowest paying position? A McDonald’s fry cook—who makes about $8.07 an hour.


Why Does It Pay So Well?

So, why is it that In-N-Out is willing to pay so much more than the other fast food chains?


According to Vice President of Planning and Development Carl Van Fleet, it’s all about company values.

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“There are quite a few reasons why we pay our associates the way we do. Our founders, Harry and Esther Snyder, started In-N-Out Burger in 1948 and were focused on taking great care of our customers, taking great care of our associates and maintaining an intense focus on quality. That focus remains firmly in place today and paying our associates well helps us maintain it,” he told KCET.


He went on to say that the higher pay leads to less turnover, happier workers and quality work. In other words, happy workers equals happy customers.

In-N-Out’s Popularity

And there’s no denying In-N-Out’s created quite the following, for a couple of key reasons.

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First of all, it’s rare to find an In-N-Out location. They’re only available in six states: Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Utah.


According to Vice, they keep their locations limited for quality control. Only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients are used.

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If you’re going to be this particular with the food you serve, it couldn’t hurt to also be particular with the way you treat the people who serve it. So, if you aren’t going for the burgers, you’re likely going for the customer service.


Seems as though other fast food restaurants should hop on the “pure quality” bandwagon, too. I can’t imagine that there would be any complaints from customers or employees. Your move, fast food chains.

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