This is how much teachers earn in every state

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Pennsylvania: $62,250

Home to beloved fictional teacher Mr. Feeny from “Boy Meets World,” Pennsylvania pays an average of $62,250.

Rhode Island: $66,160

Rhode Island is near the top in average elementary school teacher salary.

South Carolina: $48,480

South Carolina will increase education spending next year, though some legislators disagreed about whether the increase is enough.

South Dakota: $43,180

At $43,180, South Dakota is near the bottom for average salary.

Tennessee: $50,090

The average salary in Tennessee is $50,090, and the cost of living is also low, according to CNBC. In fact, a half gallon of milk is just $2.24.

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Texas: $54,780

Texas is home to the second-highest amount of elementary school teachers at 144,980. That’s just behind California at 149,340 teachers.

Utah: $54,180

Logan, Utah, near Idaho, is the only non-California or Texas city to place in the top 10 for location quotient, meaning teachers make up a larger portion of its economy than the U.S. as a whole.

Vermont: $56,940

Vermont, the one-time home to famous women’s boarding school founder Emma Willard, pays an average of $56,940.

Virginia: $66,700

Virginia is near the top of average teacher salaries at $66,700.

Washington: $60,950

The new Washington budget includes a big spending increase for public schools.

West Virginia: $45,520

West Virginia is part of the metropolitan area including Washington, Arlington and Alexandria that hires 22,740 teachers, placing in the top 10 nationwide.

Getty Images | Jason Bahr
Getty Images | Jason Bahr

Wisconsin: $55,120

Wisconsin teachers may soon be required to “to incorporate financial literacy into their kindergarten-through-12th grade curriculum,” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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Wyoming: $58,860

Wyoming is home to fewer teachers than almost every other state, at just 3,100.

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