This is how much teachers earn in every state

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Mississippi: $42,370

Mississippi’s average elementary school salary is near the bottom.

Missouri: $53,390

It’s called the Show-Me State, but Missouri doesn’t show teachers an average salary much higher than its neighbor states.

Montana: $49,010

Salaries may not be on top, but excellent teachers abound in Montana. The state’s 2017 History Teacher of the Year is a fifth grade teacher in Bozeman with a master’s degree from Walden University.

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Nebraska: $54,740

Teachers may want to consider Nebraska because, according to U.S. News & World Report, it’s the fifth most affordable state to live in.

Nevada: $54,810

Nevada has a middle-of-the-road average salary, but the state ranks 49th in education.

New Hampshire: $56,390

New Hampshire pays a comparable average teacher salary, and employs a high number of doctors as well, ranking ninth for number of doctors according to MarketWatch.

New Jersey: $68,810

The Garden State is one of the highest paying when it comes to average elementary school teacher salary.

New Mexico: $58,090

Upcoming education changes in New Mexico are getting good reviews.

New York: $77,330

It’s home to the country’s largest city, and the highest average teacher salary.

North Carolina: $43,900

The Piedmont area hires 3,740 teachers, ranking third in employment numbers among non-metropolitan areas.

North Dakota: $49,320

North Dakota offers about $6,000 more on average than South Dakota.

Ohio: $59,000

North/northeastern Ohio hires the fourth-most teachers among non-metropolitan areas at 3,610.

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Oklahoma: $41,150

Oklahoma ranks last for average elementary school teacher salary.

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Oregon: $63,390

Oregon has a comparably low location quotient at .74, meaning that teaching makes up less of its economy compared to the U.S. as a whole.

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