This is how much teachers earn in every state

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Florida: $47,610

The average salary isn’t high but, combined with great weather, Florida appeals to many teachers.

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Georgia: $54,890

A metropolitan area in Georgia, including Atlanta, Sandy Springs and Roswell, hires the fifth-most teachers of any metropolitan area at 29,310.

Hawaii: $57,370

It’s competitive compared to other states, but Hawaii’s cost of living can be difficult on any salary.

Idaho: $47,140

It doesn’t have a high average salary, but Idaho also has a low cost of living, according to CNBC. In fact, a bag of potatoes costs just $1.73 on average.

Illinois: $60,760

A metropolitan area in Illinois including Chicago, Naperville and Arlington Heights, hires the fourth-most teachers of all U.S. metropolitan areas at 30,310.

Indiana: $49,250

Indiana can’t compete with next door neighbor Illinois when it comes to average salary.

Iowa: $53,030

The average salary is mid-range and, according to U.S. News & World Report, Iowa is the third most affordable state to live in.

Kansas: $49,140

Kansas may not have one of the higher average teacher salaries, but at least people of most professions can afford to live there. U.S. News & World Report ranks Kansas the eighth most affordable state.

Kentucky: $52,420

East Kentucky has the fifth-highest concentration of teachers among non-metropolitan areas at 2,250.

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Louisiana: $48,100

Elementary school teachers in Louisiana will have to start teaching cursive writing again after a new law went into effect.

Maine: $51,810

You’re in good company in a noble profession in Maine, as the state also has the fifth-most doctors, according to MarketWatch.

Maryland: $64,970

Maryland supports its teachers with one of the higher average salaries.

Massachusetts: $74,470

Massachusetts lands in the top three for highest average elementary school salary.

Michigan: $61,260

Michigan is experiencing a teacher shortage, but pays an average salary above many other states.

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Minnesota: $62,000

Recent changes in Minnesota include an effort to make the process of obtaining a teaching license “more streamlined and less complicated,” according to the Star Tribune editorial board.

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