How Much Is Lady Gaga Worth?

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We know her, we love her and we’re constantly amazed by her over-the-top performances. Her incredible talent and passion for what she does and her fans has launched her into unparalleled levels of success in the music industry—2017 was a major year for Stefani Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, who’s absolutely killed in on some of the world’s biggest stages.

Who remembers her epic, groundbreaking 2017 Super Bowl halftime show in February? How about her headlining Coachella in April? Or kicking off her Joanne World Tour in August? It only made sense that she finished the year as strong as ever with a moving performance at the 60th annual Grammy Awards.

Once her 2008 single “Just Dance” dropped, there was no looking back for Lady Gaga who has since become a Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, actress, fashion icon and powerful voice for those unheard. Her fans love her so much that they even dubbed themselves the Little Monsters. It’s been a full decade since she exploded onto the music scene. So many are probably wondering how much she’s worth.

Hint: it’s a lot. Like hundreds of millions.

According to some estimates, she’s worth approximately $275 to $280 million.

But for a woman who’s as successful and driven as Lady Gaga herself, is that number at all surprising? Her impressive talents continue to manifest themselves. For starters, in September she released a Netflix documentary called “Gaga: Five Foot Two.”

She’s teamed up with Bradley Cooper on a feature film set to be released this year called “A Star is Born” which follows a young musician (Gaga), mentored by Cooper who helps her find fame in the industry. And she’s recently announced her residency at MGM’s Park Theater in Las Vegas.

What can’t she do? 2018 is sure to be an even bigger year for Lady Gaga and we can’t wait to see how she surprises us next!

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