Michelin recalls 500,000 tires over traction concerns

Rainier Ehrhardt/AP

Hundreds of thousands of car owners may want to check the tires on their vehicles.

Michelin announced that it’s recalling more than 500,000 tires because they may not provide enough traction in certain situations and cause a crash.

The recall involves Agilis CrossClimate C-Metric tires with DOT codes 0117 through 1423, the notice says.

“The tires are labeled as snow tires, but do not have sufficient traction to perform in all snow weather conditions,” a notice with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says.

The company did not report whether any crashes or injuries have been linked to the tires, which were reportedly tested under improper tire pressure.

Owners should be getting letters in the mail in June about the safety risk of continuing to drive on the tires. Michelin says it’s still working on a remedy, but tires will be replaced free of charge.

Drivers with questions about the recall can contact Michelin at 888-971-3801.

You can find a detailed list of the recalled tires here.

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