This Man Is Getting Paid $10,000 A Month To Explore Cancun

How would you like to get paid to hang out in Cancun? How does $10,000 a month sound? It sounds like a fantasy job, but it’s a real role.

Last year, announced that they were looking to hire a “CEO”— Cancun Experience Officer—to live the good life in Cancun, Mexico, for six months and share their experiences via videos, photos and writing. This “brand ambassador” is paid $10,000 a month and stays at a luxury hotel.

Ivan Nanney is the lucky man who beat out 8,000 applicants to score this gig of a lifetime. While said the CEO position did not require any experience, it sounds like Nanney is uniquely qualified, as this is not the first time the 29-year-old has traveled for hire.

After graduating summa cum laude from Boise State University’s business school in 2011, Nanny got a job with the Idaho Potato Commission, according to TIME. The gig involved driving around the country in a truck carrying a 12,000-pound Idaho potato to promote—you guessed it—potatoes.

Next up, Nanney scored a gig as a host of the Amazon show “The Fireball Run,” which follows people on an adventure exploring unusual places throughout the United States.

With that experience under his belt, Nanny began traveling the world and sharing his experiences through his website and social media platforms.

With his new gig as CEO, Nanney is bringing it full circle to the first country he ever traveled to internationally.

In an interview with The Yucatan Times, Nanney explained that it was his first trip out of the country that ignited his lifelong travel bug. That trip was to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico more than 10 years ago.

In the time leading up to his next adventure, Nanney made an effort to learn more about Mexican history and culture and is excited to share his knowledge and experiences with the world. He’s hoping that through his new role, he’ll foster better cultural understanding.

“We need more connection in this world and I hope to act as a bridge between Mexico and the USA (and beyond). But in order for me to do this successfully I’m going to need the help of locals, expats and previous travelers. I’m not an expert yet and so I would love to know what makes the region special to them and what they would like me to share with potential visitors. I hope they feel comfortable reaching out on my social media channels (@IvanTheIntrepid) so that I can promote the region to the best of my ability on,” Nanney told the publication.

Nanney’s job officially started on March 1, and his first task is to explore Xcaret Park, a seaside Mayan civilization archaeological site.

Congrats to Nanney, and we can’t wait to follow along on his journey!

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