You might struggle to find the candy and tanning oil at your local CVS

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We all know that binge-eating candy and laying out in the sun aren’t exactly “healthy” habits, but that doesn’t necessarily stop us from doing these activities from time to time. CVS pharmacies realize this, but now, they’re making it a little more difficult for you to have access to candy and tanning oil.

According to the Wall Street Journal, CVS stores have relocated the candy aisles in their stores. Instead of having them easily accessible in the front of the store, you’ll now have to search a little harder for them, just to find them at the middle or rear of CVS locations.

This change is coming three years after the addition of “Health” to CVS Health’s official title.

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The relocation is all part of an initiative to stand out from competition and make “health” and “health care goods” the center of focus, Helena Foulkes, who runs the company’s community pharmacy business, told the Wall Street Journal.

As far as tanning oils go, the franchise has stopped carrying anything less than SPF 15. Skincancer.org recommends using SPF 15 or higher for UVA/UVB protection.

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“We make a distinction between indulgent products and damaging products,” Judy Sansone, CVS chief merchant, told the Wall Street Journal. “We are giving more healthy-choice options and making sure the customer can find them.”

The company stopped selling tobacco products in 2014. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of no tobacco products in stores, they released a study that showed the impact the lack of CVS tobacco sales had across America.

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According to the findings, there was “an additional 1 percent reduction in cigarette pack sales across all retailers in states where CVS Pharmacy had a 15 percent or greater share of the retail pharmacy market, compared to states with no CVS Pharmacy stores.”

This means five fewer packs per person were sold.

This is just another way CVS Health is striving to live up to their “health” title. So, maybe this will make you think twice before purchasing candy, or tanning oil with a lower SPF than 15.

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