Watch Out For Lowe’s Coupon Scheme On Facebook

Here are some tips for avoiding coupon ploys like this one.

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Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

If you’re a regular Facebook user, you may have recently scrolled across a deal that seems too good to be true.

The coupon says that Lowe’s is giving free $50 off coupons to celebrate Mother’s Day.


If you click on the coupon, you’ll be taken to a website that asks you to fill out a survey.

Lowe’s and law enforcement officials are warning people to avoid this “coupon” and the survey, as it’s likely a ploy to get you to reveal personal information.

The supposed coupon has also been spotted in $30 and $100 amounts. The police department in Lynchburg, Virginia, even posted a warning to community members on its Facebook page recently.

According to fact-check website Snopes, similar coupons have been spotted from Amazon, Costco, Home Depot and Kroger.

Want to know how to avoid being duped by online coupon schemes, which have resulted in $6 million in losses per year? Here are some tips from the Better Business Bureau:

  • Make sure the coupon is being offered directly by the retailer. If it’s offered by some third party, ask questions and use caution before giving out personal information.
  • Be wary of offers that pop-up on your phone or computer.
  • Read the fine print carefully.
  • Call the store and ask to be sure it’s a legitimate coupon.
  • Watch out for your email inbox. The Better Business Bureau said some fake coupons make the rounds via email.


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