This Tool Checks Your Local Library For Books You Plan To Buy On Amazon

You can buy almost anything you’d ever want on Amazon now. From clothes to food to home goods to books, it’s all readily available (and, if you have Amazon Prime, gets to you with free two-day shipping). But there’s a new browser extension that automatically finds out if a book you’d like to buy on Amazon is available at your local library, which is pretty amazing.

The browser extension—aptly named Library Extension—lets you pick your favorite local libraries and add them to a list. If you’re later shopping for a book on Amazon, the extension will notify you with a pop-up that says whether or not the book is currently available at one of your preferred libraries. For some libraries, you can also browse the audiobook, movie and music catalogs in addition to their print catalogs which is no mean feat.


If your chosen book is available, you can drive to the library in less time than it’ll take you to get your reading material with Amazon Prime two-day shipping. Plus, need we remind you, libraries are free. And good for your neighborhood! Many libraries also offer electronic books that you can download on your Kindle, Nook or another e-reader using the OverDrive platform, which works with Library Extension.

The extension is currently only available for download with the Google Chrome browser, but it will be available for Firefox shortly, according to the website. Apparently the extension has been around since 2013, but it has only just started to make waves in the reading community.

The extension also works when browsing books on GoodReads and Barnes and Noble as well.


Of course, while this extension can help you find titles at your local library, there’s no guaranteeing they won’t be checked out. Library loyalists know that getting their hands on a new or popular title often involves adding their names on a several-month waitlist. If you’re patient enough for that, good on you. And if not? Well, there’s always Amazon.

[h/t Lifehacker]

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