This humidifier for large rooms has plenty of bells and whistles


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Winter is here and that means so is dry air. If your home gets dry at this time of year and leaves you with parched skin and clogged sinuses, it’s time to invest in a humidifier.


The Levoit humidifier is designed to cover a 753-square-foot room, sends out warm or cool mist and comes with a 6-liter tank that lasts up to 50 hours.

You can create a schedule or use a timer and also set it for a specific humidity level. It will shut off when it reaches the correct humidity. It even has a plant mode that offers plant-care programs so the mist will keep them moisturized. You can also add essential oils to fill the room with your favorite scent.


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Hands-On Review

Levoit sent me their humidifier to test, and I put it to use in my bedroom during daytime and nighttime to see how well it worked and if I noticed a difference in the air.

The Levoit humidifier is incredibly easy to set up and took just minutes. It’s easy to fill because the tank is on the top, which means no tipping it upside down and risking spilling the water.

I filled it up with distilled water and added lavender essential oil to the correct area. Once I turned it on, I could immediately smell the oil and the mist began right away. Professionals recommend having humidity levels between 40-60%, so I put it on 50%. I have a clock with a humidity sensor in my room, so I was able to monitor it using both the screen on the humidifier and independently with my clock. I can confirm it got to 50% fairly quickly. I then switched it to warm and the mist went from cold to warm in just a few minutes.


After using the Levoit humidifier every night for more than a week, I’ve come to certain conclusions. My favorite feature is that it can be controlled by an app on your phone or a remote, so you don’t have to get out of bed to turn it off or on. The second best feature is that you can control the vents. Point them toward you at night or aim them straight up if you prefer.

As you can see by my photos below, the unit produces a lot of mist even on the lowest setting. It not only helped relax me before bed, but I found it easier to breathe and sleep after it reached a correct humidity level. If your home gets dry during the winter or you suffer from sinus issues or dry skin, the Levoit humidifier is well worth the price tag.

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One downside, however, is that while it is pretty much silent while running, the humidifier makes some “gulping” noises as water is fed into the unit, which makes it hard to sleep. I tried to let it run all night, but I am not a very sound sleeper, so any change in noise woke me up. I found it best for me to get the dryness out of the air before bed, then turn it off when going to sleep. If you can sleep through a little noise, you may be able to run it all night with no issues.

Another possible negative is that you will have to buy replacement absorption pads, which help prevent mineral buildup. This humidifier does come with a few extras to get you started. The pads can be purchased on Amazon and are priced at 10 for $10. One absorption pad lasts about 2-4 weeks, depending on how often you use the humidifier, so a 10-pack may last for the better part of a year.

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