This is the average cost of homeowners insurance in every state

Buying home insurance is a reality that all homeowners must face. Although it is not mandated by law to have homeowners insurance, your mortgage lender will likely require coverage. And with good reason.

There are a number of risks associated with going without homeowners insurance, including financial risk, risk of foreclosure, lack of lawsuit protection and loss of your belongings. Rates are determined, in part, by where you live, since factors like extreme weather and the frequency of natural disasters up the likelihood that you’ll make a claim.

If you’re curious about which states have the most and least affordable rates for home insurance, GoBankingRates has compiled a super handy list. GoBankingRates used data collected from to determine the average cost of home insurance in each state, from cheapest to most expensive. They found that, on average, home insurance costs $3,798 across the country—but the average prices paid in each state varied drastically.

Remember: These are averages, so the prices reflected here may not exactly match how much you pay for your policy!

51. Hawaii: $703

Thanks to their moderate climate, you can snag home insurance in this island state for an average of $703 a year.

hawaii photo

50. Vermont: $1,033

With the lowest property crime rate in the nation, home insurance in this Northeastern state averages just over $1,000 annually.

49. Utah: $1,105

Utah doesn’t see many natural disasters, keeping their rate affordable.

48. Idaho: $1,106

A combination of a low rate of property crime and lack of natural disasters means you won’t shell a ton of dough for insurance in Idaho.

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47. Oregon: $1,137

Although there are fires in this Western state, their homeowners insurance is still just over $1,000.

46. Washington: $1,155

Fires are also the most common natural disaster in Oregon, keeping their average rate relatively low.

45. Nevada: $1,204

The desert state of Nevada also can claim fires as its main source of natural disasters.

44. New Hampshire: $1,243

Back on the East coast, low property crime rates keep insurance costs down.

43. Maine: $1,276

Maine clocks in just a bit higher at $1,276.

42. Delaware: $1,306

Delaware has a low incidence of natural disasters, despite the fact that hurricanes can happen there.

41. New Jersey: $1,318

New Jersey enjoys a low level of property crime, keeping its average rate pretty low.

40. Arizona: $1,351

Residents in this warm-weather state can expect to pay just over $1,300 a year on homeowners insurance.

39. Washington, D.C.: $1,365

Relatively good weather keeps our nation’s capital’s rates reasonable.

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38. Wisconsin: $1,439

While severe storms can cause property damage in the dairy state, other types of natural disasters are relatively uncommon.

37. Ohio: $1,537

Severe storms and floods are the main problems in this Midwestern state.

36. North Carolina: $1,538

The Tar Heel state has seen its fair share of hurricanes, putting its average annual rate just about $1,500.

35. Pennsylvania: $1,587

Pennsylvania’s avere rates also clock in at just over $1,500.

34. California, $1,619

Frequent wildfires are a common cause of claims in the Golden State.

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33. Alaska: $1,643

Alaska has had a variety of natural disasters over the years, including severe storms, fires and floods.

32. Maryland: $1,692

Maryland’s average rates come in at just under $1,700.

31. Illinois: $1,786

The Land of Lincoln has seen severe storms, floods and tornadoes, but has a low rate of property crime.

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30. Connecticut: $1,789

Although overall rates of natural disaster are low here, this state does experience, wind, hail, water damage nad freezing, which are the most common types of home insurance claims, which may be why their average rate is not lower.

29. Virginia: $1,877

Virginia’s average rate is close to $1,900 a year.

28. Wyoming: $1,888

Fires are the main culprit behind claims here, which can be some of the most expensive.

27. New York: $1,988

New York was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and has also experienced a number of severe storms. However, the state has the second-lowest rate of property crime in the country.

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26. Michigan: $1,997

Michigan’s yearly average rate is just below $2,000.

25. Montana, $1,999

Montana has had 34 natural disaster-level fires since 1953, making its rate somewhat costly.

24. New Mexico: $2,012

New Mexico is the first state on the list where the average rate hits over $2,000.

23. Massachusetts: $2,050

While this East coast state is relatively safe, cold temperatures up this state’s average rate.

22. Iowa: $2,063

Iowa has it all in terms of natural disasters: severe storms, tornadoes, ice storms and snow, oh my!

21. Indiana: $2,082

Severe storms are the most common disaster in this Midwestern state.

20. Georgia: $2,212

High property crime rates in this Southern state likely account for its higher average rate.

19. Minnesota: $2,252

Tornadoes, thunderstorms and hail all cause problems in Minnesota.

18. Colorado: $2,311

Costly fires drive up the price of insurance in Colorado.

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17. North Dakota, $2,313

Brutal winters filled with snow and ice can lead to flooding and freezing, driving up prices in North Dakota.

16. Kentucky: $2,471

Kentucky’s average rate clocks in at $2,471, which sounds costly, but is still below average.

15. West Virginia: $2,494

A variety of problematic weather, including severe storms, hurricanes and snow all contribute to high rates in West Virginia.

14. South Dakota: $2,546

South Dakota’s average rate is just above that of its neighbor, North Dakota.

13. Nebraska: $2,615

Cold temperatures may be to blame for Nebraska’s costly rates.

12. Rhode Island, $2,716

Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but its average rate is definitely on the high end.

11. Tennessee, $2,820

Tennessee has had a variety of natural disasters, including tornadoes, ice storms and even hurricanes.

10. South Carolina, $2,833

South Carolina breaks the top 10 of states with the most expensive rates at $2,833.

9. Missouri, $3,121

Hail causes major damage in Missouri, driving up costs.

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8. Kansas, $3,170

Risk of damage-causing weather and older homes in Kansas is a double-whammy that results in high rates.

7. Texas: $3,306

Everything’s bigger in Texas, including their home insurance rates.

6. Arkansas, $4,026

Arkansas is the first on the list to crack the $4,000 mark.

5. Mississippi, $4,351

Mississippi has been pummeled by a number of hurricanes in recent years, and is also no stranger to tornadoes and sever storms.

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4. Oklahoma, $4,454

Oklahoma is prone to tornadoes as well as fires and severe storms.

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3. Alabama, $4,532

High property crime rates coupled with inclement weather put Alabama at third most expensive state.

2. Louisiana, $6,115

Hurricane Katrina famously devastated the Bayou State in 2005, which caused rates to skyrocket.

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1. Florida: $6,892

The average rate in the Sunshine State is nearly $7,000, thanks to a bad combinations of hurricanes, tropical storms and fires.

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