Need A Lawn Mower? Trade-In Events Can Help You Save Up To $250 On A New One


Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to start mowing again.

But we all know how expensive lawn mowers can be. If your old mower is about to kick the bucket, we’ve got your back.

If you’re looking for ways to save on a new lawn mower, consider trading in your gas mower for an electric one at a local trade-in event. You’ll save money on the price of a new lawn mower and do your part to help keep toxic chemicals out of the air.

We found some pretty cool examples to share with you of lawn mower trade-in events happening this spring around the country. There may be one in your community, too.

There’s a program in Colorado, for example, called Mow Down Pollution, which will help you replace your “grimy old gas-powered lawn mower and replace it with a brand new electronic one.”

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Savings Of Up To 70 Percent

At the Mow Down Pollution events, you can get a Black & Decker 20-inch electric lawn mower for just $200 (plus tax) without trading in your old gas mower or just $150 with a trade-in mower. These mowers are on sale for $339 at Target right now, which means you’re getting an amazing deal—52 percent ($189) off the regular list price with a trade-in mower.

A smaller version of the same mower (a 16-inch version) will cost you just $100 with a trade-in mower or $150 without one. The same model is on sale at Walmart for $228 right now. That’s a savings of 56 percent ($128).

There are similarly awesome savings at a lawn mower trade-in event happening this spring in San Diego. They’ll give you that same Black & Decker 20-inch mower for just $99 when you trade in your old gas mower, a savings of 70 percent off the list price. (This event is so popular that the organizers had to tell people they couldn’t start lining up outside until 4:30 a.m.)

There’s no central listing for all lawn mower trade-in events, but a good place to start is your local city or county office. Or, try popping the name of your community into Google and searching with the phrase “lawn mower event.”

Once you find a trade-in event near you, be sure to read all the rules and regulations for disposing of your lawn mower fuel. Most events offer detailed instructions for trading in your old mower.

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