There are job openings at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle

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Even though Prince Harry is off the market—crushing many a princess dream—that doesn’t mean the palace doors are completely closed. While the title is nowhere near as glamorous as duchess, The Royal Household recently posted a job opportunity on LinkedIn for a communications assistant. Still, the office for this particular position is the one and only Buckingham Palace.

Unfortunately, the posting is no longer accepting applications. While we’re not sure if it elicited as many applications as the New York Times traveler gig, it was certainly appealing. It’s fun to daydream about working in Buckingham Palace, where you might be able to rub elbows with the likes of Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and Princes Harry and William!

Whoever does snag the role would support the royals as part of the communications team and begin in April. According to the posting, “The Royal Communications team promotes the work, role, relevance and value of the Royal Family to a worldwide audience.”

Dream Duties

This position has some exciting, high-profile responsibilities. The LinkedIn posting mentions covering a variety of events such as “a state visit, award ceremony or Royal engagement.”

That’s just the beginning. In fact, people are speculating the person in this role could work quite closely with the recently engaged couple, Prince Harry Markle.

Certainly the communications team would be an integral part of covering and sharing their upcoming nuptials. Other responsibilities include preparing press announcements, social media updates and writing articles. And those aren’t just any articles, they’re royal articles.

The posting marks the communications assistant as an entry-level position. As such, it offers plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. It also includes travel in the U.K. as well as overseas, as important visits and engagements require.

The role is a year-long contract position. In addition to calling Buckingham Palace your office, it boasts plenty of perks. According to the LinkedIn posting, it includes 33 days of vacation, employer pension contribution and professional development support.

Other Royal Job Openings

While it’s too late to apply for the communications assistant position, there are several other job openings at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. Available positions include an archivist at Windsor Castle and a Buckingham Palace vetting officer, who will conduct security clearances for people living or working at or visiting the royal residences.

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