This job comes with free housing on a beautiful island

Just off the coast of Cornwall, England, sits a small island called St. Michael’s Mount. It’s a tidal island, which means that it’s accessible by land, but only at low tide.

And despite having only 30 citizens, St. Michael’s Mount saw 350,000 visitors last year.

Due to its popularity with tourists, the island is looking to hire a visitor services manager to help ensure the thousands of guests that arrive each year enjoy their time exploring the island.

Oh, and did we mention free housing on St. Michael’s Mount comes as part of the gig?

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According to the online job description, “accommodation [is] available on St Michael’s Mount if desired.”

So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect excuse to relocate—well, this could be it!

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The visitor services manager will do everything from “lead and inspire” the rest of the visitor services team, to set monetary and budget goals and ensure the team stays on track.

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According to the description of the role, “With a passion for engagement and world class service you will have the vision to ensure St. Michael’s Mount remains the jewel in Cornwall’s crown. Become part of the management team that helps create the memories and inspire the team who brings the stories alive.”

In other words, you’ll be part of making vacation memories that are forever special for all of the families that visit the island. What a fulfilling job description!

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A candidate with experience in management is preferred, and it wouldn’t hurt if you could also speak another European language, but that is an added bonus, not a requirement.

Compensation, of course, is the housing you’ll get on the island, as well as a $34,000 to $41,000 (24,000 to 29,000 pounds) salary.

St. Michael's Mount

If you got the job, you’d be responsible for overseeing more than 30 seasonal employees.

“Working with tide and weather, you will be an organised and forward thinking logistical planner who thrives on a challenge and enjoys the adventure of working in such a unique location,” according to the job description.

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There’s a full list of the qualifications, as well as a more extensive job description, available on the St. Michael’s Mount website.

It doesn’t specify that you must be a British citizen to apply, although there’s a chance that could be the case.

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The application deadline is April 17 and interviews begin as soon as April 24.

Island life could very well be in your future! Best of luck!

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