Jimmy John’s now has smaller ‘Little John’ sandwiches for $3

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It happens to us all at some point: You’re out running errands. Perhaps they’re taking a bit longer than you thought. And suddenly, you realize you skipped lunch.

It’s past lunchtime, but not quite time for dinner. Plus, you still have shopping to attend to. What do you do? Most likely, you’ll grab something quick but not so great for you at a convenience store, like candy or chips, or visit a fast-food drive-thru.

Those days might just be over! Sandwich shop Jimmy John’s is looking to fill that on-the-go “I forgot to eat lunch” void with a brand new menu offering that happens to be their first-ever permanent addition — the Little John! These smaller sandwiches are great for in-between meal snacks, lighter meals or late nights as well.

The new sandwiches are a skinny, mini version of their original sandwiches, coming in at 6.5 inches instead of the usual 8. The best part? They’re only $3!

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The Little John menu includes smaller versions of any of their seven original sandwiches. That includes classics like their tuna and veggie subs, but also the Vito, which is loaded with salami, capicola, provolone, veggies and dressing.

“Everything our customers love about a Jimmy John’s sandwich can be found in the all-new $3 Little John,” John Shea, chief marketing officer at Jimmy John’s, said in a press release. “The combination of high-quality ingredients — all-natural meats, hand-sliced veggies and fresh-baked bread — paired with a $3 price point makes the Little John an incredible value.”

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The $3 Little John is available at participating Jimmy John’s locations nationwide now. You can also get it through Jimmy John’s delivery service.

Here’s an ad for the Little John sandwich, posted to the official account at @jimmyjohns. And yes, that’s rapper Lil Jon, who is apparently a fan of the brand.

If you don’t have a Jimmy John’s near you, you can get similar-sized sandwiches at Subway, though most will cost a bit more. While prices may vary depending on where you live, a six-inch Italian B.M.T. from Subway, which is similar to the Little John version of the Vito, costs about $4.99, so you pay around $2 more for half an inch less.

If you find yourself craving one of these Little Johns and aren’t pressed for time or able to get to a Jimmy John’s, you can also try your hand at making your own! The blog Sports Mom Survival Guide has step-by-step instructions on making the Vito at home in just 15 minutes — just don’t forget to bring it with you while you run your errands! Although we think we’d miss that Jimmy John’s bread…

Will you be trying a Little John sandwich from Jimmy John’s?

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