JCPenney Postpones Store Closings

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Good news: You can shop at JCPenney for just a little while longer. The retailer has postponed the closure of the 138 stores it said last month it would shutter.

The stores will still eventually close (sorry, folks), but because more and more people have been shopping at JCPenney in recent weeks, the company decided to hold off on closing them immediately. They’re also postponing the liquidation sales at those stores.

“Ever since the company announced its store closure list, those stores have seen better-than-expected sales and traffic,” JCPenney spokeswoman Daphne Avila told CNBC.

“This is not an uncommon response when you announce a store closure. Local shoppers will come out for a variety of reasons — some out of nostalgia and some who are just looking for a great deal.”

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The stores were originally scheduled to begin liquidation sales on April 17. But now those sales will start May 22, with stores set to close on July 31. That’s about six weeks later than the retailer had originally planned.

JCPenney isn’t the only retailer shuttering brick-and-mortar stores in an attempt to save money and compete with online retailers.

The store says the 138 closures will help it save $200 million a year, which will help make a dent in JCPenney’s $4.3 billion worth of long-term debt.

In case you missed it, here are the JCPenney locations closing in every state.


  • Auburn Mall, Auburn
  • Tannehill Promenade, Bessemer
  • Gadsden Mall, Gadsden
  • Jasper Mall, Jasper


  • Military Plaza, Benton
  • Chickasaw Plaza, Blytheville


  • Riverview Mall, Bullhead City

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