No pool? No problem with these inflatable suntan tubs

young woman in sunbathing tub

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Are you looking to capture the best summer has to offer but don’t have a pool in your backyard or time to get to the beach? No worries! You can get the catch some rays and relax in the water in your own backyard thanks to a cool invention called a suntan tub.

What is a suntan tub (a.k.a sunbathing tub)?

Think of it as a combination of a beach chair and a kiddie pool. This viral inflatable tub is a perfectly comfortable chaise that you can fill with water and lie back in to catch some rays.

Suntan tubs look like a big pool float, and that’s because they are — they double as a float you can use in a pool or at the lake. But the higher walls also allow users to fill the tub with water in your backyard so you can soaking in the sun and stay cool despite the summer heat.

Plus, the water gets warmed by the sun so you can enjoy some hot tub vibes.

Our Favorite Suntan Tubs

Swimline Classic Edition Inflatable Suntan Tub Pool Lounger

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pink suntan tub

$34.14 at Amazon

This suntan tub is made by the brand Swimline and comes in a bright and cheery pink and purple shade. It has a ribbed base, which provides some grip to keep you from slipping and sliding, and also comes equipped with a removable inflatable headrest. Fill it up with some cool water, and maybe even toss in a few ice cubes for a really cool dip if the temperatures are high. The suntan bed is 70 inches long, 46 inches wide, and 8 inches in depth.

Jasonwell Inflatable Tanning Pool Lounger Float

suntan tub with 2 people

$45.99 at Amazon

This inflatable lounger from the brand Jasonwell is for sale on Amazon for just under $40 and has five-star ratings from more than 5,500 reviewers. This one currently comes in sizes large, extra large, and XXL which 89 inches long and 56 inches wide – plenty of room for two adults. It is available in a cool blue tone or a seafoam green color with a reflective base. It also features two cup holders to fit your beverage of choice as you soak up the sun.

DeeprBetter Color-Changing Inflatable Sunbathing Tub

color-changing suntan tub

$65.85 at Amazon

This solar-powered suntan bed changes color every 5 seconds making it an ideal choice for hot summer nights. It’s 80 inches long and 54 inches wide so there’s enough room for two including a cupholder for each.

Sloosh Inflatable Tanning Pool Lounger

woman reading in sunbathing tub

$39.99 at Amazon

The Sloosh Store has an inflatable tanning pool available for under $40. It measures 46 inches wide and 70 inches long to allow plenty of room to stretch out and relax. It is made of PVC material for durability and comfort.

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Float Joy Pool Floats Adults Tanning Pool

young woman in sunbathing tub

$38.99 at Amazon

Float Joy’s adult tanning pool is another great option for summer lounging. This suntan bed comes in a lovely mint green color and also features two cup holders and an inflatable pillow/backrest. It comes in one size and is 70 inches long and 40 inches wide. It’s made of “extra thickened” PVC material, meaning that it won’t puncture easily. Customers like it for its durability and the fact that it stays inflated for days on end. More than 580 of them give it a 4.4-star rating.

How are you cooling off this summer?

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