Get Ready! Hulu’s Live TV Service To Launch In May For $39.99


Have you been thinking about “cutting the cord” with your cable or satellite company? Hulu is about to introduce a new service that could convince you to grab those scissors once and for all.

Hulu Live TV Debuts in May

The streaming company is about to put into motion its plans to reinvent itself as the place where viewers can experience both on-demand and live TV. The company promises the new experience will be “TV the way it should be.”

Scheduled to launch sometime in May, Hulu Live TV plans to allow viewers to enjoy live sports, news and events. Networks slated as part of the new plan include ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN, FOX, Disney, Turner and A+E Networks, according to Adweek.

Hulu sources hope to keep the price under $40, with a likely price of $39.99 according to multiple business reports.

The inclusion of CBS may help attract new customers, as their network shows are not part of AT&T’s new DirectTV Now internet TV package. “To build a successful live TV service, you have to have viewers’ favorite sports and shows — and CBS’ programming is absolutely vital to that mix,” Hulu CEO Mike Hopkins said in a press statement.

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New Level Of Personalization From Hulu’s reinvention focuses not only on live TV offerings, but also on the personalization of programming. Want to watch a live TV show when you get home in the evening? You can save the show for later and pick it up right where you stopped it. Hulu Live TV can also notify you of real-time events and TV shows based upon your preferences and schedule.

“We’re going to be offering up a whole new way of navigating and personalization to make sure we’re serving up the right thing to a viewer every time they log in,” said Peter Naylor, Hulu’s Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales.

Viewers will be able to maintain multiple streams on a single account, allowing for individual viewing preferences within the same home. So, Mom can binge watch “This Is Us” while Dad watches the ball game and the kids watch a movie.

What if you want to watch on-the-go? No problem. You can move from the TV to a smartphone with just a click and not miss a second of your show.

And Hulu may also offer a cloud DVR and unlimited streams. This means viewers could save up to 200 hours of programming on the cloud and have as many streaming accounts as they’d like. While this is not yet confirmed by Hulu, sources say this add-on feature would likely cost another $20 per month.

Lastly, the streaming company plans to double its original content in 2017. “The Handmaid’s Tale” series is getting a lot of buzz and the company plans to build on that trend. Expect shows such as “Future Man,” The Looming Tower” and a Stephen King series called “Castle Rock,” according to Adweek.

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